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A great way to manage you're social networks. Unfortunately the latest version fails to start on my moto X play. Brilliant

New to the platform, but I already see how it will save time and improve organization. Well done!!

It's a cool app. Only that I would love if the app can feature Twitter Trends in the Streams. Recommend

App is good. Clone and schedule same content for 2 or 3 times will be useful feature love it

Hey awesome guys i was searching for auto upload for my insta page . and i got this.. And the disadvantage is in our sceduled time there is no auto upload. Pretty good

Really good for Twitter and facebook but the Instagram needs tweaking. If you're using a business account it has a bug that wont let you post most picture ratios. Like the default ones on your phone. Highly Recommend.

Works really well for me, I'm not very technical and I could use it pretty easily. Happy. 5 star

I use the free plan and it is so good till now for me, hope that you add some analysis also and that will be great Pretty good

Hootsuite professional is the way to go when you're managing several social media profiles. wow lol

Definitely the best social media manager app that I've tried but still not perfect. One huge plus is that it does offer some really great features that integrate well with the desktop version. Not bad

I'm still figuring it out but love that I can manage all my social media platforms in one location. Brilliant

Nice app. Few upgrade suggestions - 1. App to have Google posting access 2. Instagram pic cropping... (Due to aspect ratio issue... Sending fails at end) Amazing!

So far so good, Im able to do a couple of things that I needed to do. I would love to find out what else it's capable of doing so 5 stars Works perfectly

Besides having to 'retry to load' every time I post, the app has been easy to use and I love being able to schedule posts ahead of time! Well done!!

Makes sharing of content on different sites easy and quick with one click. Paid version which allows more then 3 social accounts is little on a higher side. They must have low pricing for personal users who just want to share on their social accounts and not using it for business purpose. Allow personal users use more then three accounts and charge business users you can trim business option for personal user and charge like $ 10 year. This way they will get revenue and more paid user. Highly Recommend.

Simple and does the job. So far I've only been using it for one Twitter account and it's great. Love the auto schedule option for tweets so I don't have to spend time thinking about when to post it, they just space the tweets out by a couple of hours Enjoy it!

Supposedly 5 stars yet I can't review my scheduled post in the publisher. Says, "unable to load" Worth it!

I would love this app if the developer's out a fresh new coat of paint on the UI. Something that compliments the new Wave of phones being out it. wow lol

Im just disappointed I could not add in one of my instagram accounts. It keeps saying sorry wrong password and i know all my passwords. I keep putting in the right ones but it keeps saying they are wrong. Ill download this later when they fix all the bugs. I really do not mind logging into multiple accounts at the moment. Enjoy it!

I will give 5 stars if Hootsuite can have a grid preview+Stories published! Totally a great app actually, even a free version is great. Surprisingly

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