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Nice, great for planning. I'd love to be able to do a 360 box I can put dimensions into. Then add windows to plan a shed. Brilliant

Overall is an amazing app, just a few glitches need to be fixed. Hopefully this new update did it! Must have

Gud but... It's really a great app for those who love interior designing...but there are some problems like it takes forever to save the designs and when I go to view them the color/items are gone!! And I have to take screenshots to keep them safe; and please make it more easier to use, it is a little complicated...Please fix it and I will give 5* :'( Pretty good

Awesome It is great but I do not like how you have to sign in every time I want to save something it tells me to sign in. Fix that it will be a five star app Enjoy it!

This app is amazing ! Just one problem ! Need new rooms !! Just basic, non complicated rooms! Update!! Some of my designs have no colour when i go to veiw them !?!? Recommend

Perfect app for designers but cant use offline, please improve app to be able to use offline.Some bugs in app Perfect!

I like it but fix bugs I just got the new update that's supposed to fix bugs and now I am having Even more problems then before! Half of My designs are showing up grey-scale and its being more slow then normal! Please fix Immediatly! Not bad

What happened??? After the update, multiple issues that make the app pretty much unusable and no response from Homestyler after sending emails and facebook message. Sad...i loved this app before and I hate to have to uninstall but if I can't use it, what's the point? Hoping for an issue fix or at least a response. Brilliant

glitch!! its glitching so............bad!when i get something it doesnt appear but the buttons appear!!whats happening?!!!? Awesome

Perfect app for designers but cant use offline, please improve app to be able to use offline Go well

Still getting to know this app. I've been a huge decorator for a very long time. This is a new concept to work. Cool

Not easy The game is really well designed but it's hard to get the perfecy peice and angle. Otherwise good Superb!

Love the app, can't login with facebook I used the app and created a design but now I can't work on it, because I logging in on facebook. Recommend

Great app. Enjoyed designing. I hope there will be more rooms to design and more spacious. Works perfectly

AMAZING This is the best interior design app ever!!! It's free! It's awesome! It has a lot of really amazing furniture, and soooooo many catalogues to look through and they categories all the room furniture, and it is a thousand times easier now !!!!! Perfect!

Super Creative For me, because interior design is my passion. But I what I really want is an update! More furniture please! Also I get bored of seeing the Same rooms all the time, so add more rooms. But over all, I love this app! Enjoy it!

Not bad The desktop website is much more detailed since you can copy the whole layout of your room, house, or apartment, and get a 360 view of each room or hq snapshot. The tablet/phone app is more limited and is a little more cartoonish, but for a quick design idea its not bad. It gets the job done. Worth it!

My favorite app! I love it I just wish they will add more items and add more items with more color. Other then that I find myself spending hours on it. Recommend

Good I have had it before and I enjoyed it. I eventually had to delete it as I didn't have enough storage. But I also recommend other interior games Great job

This is awsome I'm a kid and making my dream house makes me want to be a home designer. Fabulous!

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