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Could care less for the update as it takes too long to get past all of the loading. I didnt have that problem before even with low data. Very addicting, however at times I feel the game is rigged or has bugs as sometimes the item I am trying to move goes the opposite way I am trying to move it. This causes a progression problem in the game decreasing a chance of defeat for a particular board1level. Superb!

This game simply wants you to pay. After a while it's frustrating and not fun anymore. I agree with most of the other reviews, 3 stars to uncover something and then 2 to fix it and then these hard levels are ludicrous. You can't possibly complete them without paying to continue. Good design and graphics, poor delivery. Good

I would rate this game 5 stars but there are a couple of issues that prevented from reaching out level. One of the most annoying, and I have read other people having the same issues, is that the pieces will sometimes move in a separate direction of where I'm trying to put them. The second most annoying is that the hearts being sent to me by my friends will randomly disappear without me ever collecting them or getting credit for the hearts. Amazing!

Cute game overall, but very slow progression. It takes too many stars to do anything in the game and each task is broken down into very small tasks. Or you have to completely meaningless tasks to do before you can continue. Such as begin a new day takes 2 stars, you can't do anything else until you complete that task. Stars can be hard to get as the games can be quite difficult to complete. It has taken me days at times to get just one star. This can be very frustrating and slow to progress. I can see people uninstalling for these reasons. Marvelous

Levels are almost impossible to pass after 700, you have to buy coins and its too expensive. These kind of games has mini side games inside and they are easy for you not to get bored from the whole thing. This game started with the mini games too but they are also impossible the pass so i'm starting to get bored from the game. Great job

Makes me sad. I can't win ANY challenges. Seems like you must pay your way to win. Too many steps to get things done. No one will give me money to play so I guess the kitty will NEVER make a friend. Too depressing in real life for me. Not bad

Very addicting. I come home after work and can't wait to see if I can beat another level. Actually started spending real money cuz once I think I have the level figured out, I don't wanna stop. Don't like spending money on free games. But I guess it's a thrill for me. Surprisingly

I read all the comments about the few coins one earn per level and the high amount of stars you use to complete silly tasks, and still nothing has changed after so many updates. It just shows that the complaints falls on deaf ears. Soon I will also delete the game if nothing changes. wow lol

With the next update, can you please reduce the required stars to do something. Its becoming annoying and not fun at all. This game is supposed to be fun not a stressful one. And hoping for more characters soon cause im getting tired of seeing their faces everytime i play this game hope you could add new ones. And a dog as well or maybe another cat perhaps. 5 star

I love it. But some levels too hard to beat and, it costs lots of stars to start a day or whatever. I just wanted to decorate and see new rooms. Too depressing because sometimes it gets me weeks to gather the stars necessary to carry on. I still love it anyway, but there is a but. I hope you would do something about it. Highly Recommend.

I think the improvements are way better! I seem to accomplish games more frequently which holds my interest. I still think some tasks are not worth two stars. The combination of game difficulty and task requirements can make it feel too challenging. My desire is to decorate and move on to the next room. Omg

This is a good game, but the chances on some parts depends on the arrangement, eventhough you are good at it, the arrangement will still determine your winning. Please work on the stars being given. Updated, please don't ask for too much stars. Like starting a day needs to have alot of stars and even just cleaning or fixing a stuff Just wow

I love the game but I hate the story line. I hate spending my stars on what's his names attraction to that cat lady or so he can do something nice for his virtual mom and dad. I love playing the levels to get stars but I want to use them to decorate the actual house. Other than that this app is great. Fabulous!

I enjoy this game. The puzzles are challenging. The graphics are great. The story line is cute, which you can follow, or just play the puzzles, depending on your mood. The problem I have with the game is you only have 5 lives, and levels are difficult to beat without extras which you buy with coins. You get coins from beating levels, but not even 10% of how many you need to get power ups and extra moves. So without purchasing extra coins for actual monry, 5 lives can go quickly. Getting coins every hour or two would be great. That way I could still get one or two the day before payday. I would play it more. Works perfectly

Quite like this game but some levels are quite hard and almost impossible without spending money. (which I guess is the idea) This spoils the gameplay though and I consider uninstalling. Also, some of the tasks are silly. Feed the cat. Let him out etc. I prefer decorating the rooms. Flawless

It's fun to pass time with but the amount of stars needed to complete a task is becoming a bit much. I do like the challenges of the hard puzzles and I like that we can earn unlimited play on the weekend. I also like that I can continue game play without progressing the story line. Saving my stars. Must have

Great game but could use other options for getting boosters. Nobody is gonna continue to play this game for too long. U can only lose one level so many times before u say to Heck with it and but the uninstall button Awesome

I'm not impressed with how expensive the game is. If they weren't trying to suck as much $$ as they can out of people, it would be a fantastic game! There are quiet a few levels that can't be passed without buying extra moves. Sad! Brilliant

I like this game however its frustrating that you have to wait for lives to be refilled. I do not want to have to pay for more lives. Instead you should just make the game available to purchase outright like other games from the app store. A one time cost Perfect!

It is a fun game but wow you need so many stars to just put something up or fix. It is ridiculous. Sometimes you move a piece it goes completely the other way. Just want to finish a room and continue to next but takes so long!! Fantastic

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