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Besides the whole calender part of the app that shows which day you worked out not working correctly (showing it's February while saying I completed the workouts in March) this is a great, more customizable predecessor to the more highly rated one. wow lol

The app is amazing I use it from 1 month I have 7 abs shoulder and leg and chest Amazing!

Been trialling various fitness apps for sometime... This is the best so far....what set this from the others is the scale of difficulty... Its grade is encouraging... Other apps easy beginner stage are just dumb difficult it puts you off... Keep it up...and thanks Superb!

This app is great but at first i thought it was trash but after a while i get awsome resolts don't expect this to happen automatically u gotta work for it Pretty good

Awesome app Pity doesnt have dumbbells workout Else the best fitness app on play store Marvelous

It is really good, I think the arm and chest workouts need more to do with the chest Works great

I like that the exersizes don't require equipment and that the app lets you pick the intensity of each workout. The time investment is minimal so I always find the time to do a workout. Recommend

Trust me nothing could be much better than this app.....after considering it i really believe there's no need to go to gym and pay tons of money just to get good body....if there would be simple diet chart would be wonderful...thanks for your efforts Omg

this is really a very cool app about body building execises n in the case of increse body's amzing Surprisingly

I'm not sure about this app do to the fact that the levels and timeframe to do them is completely wacky. So I just do level 1 from each part of the application and start with that, until I am comfortable to move on from there. Perfect!

Best workout app I've ever had. Only 4 days and I'm feeling results and starting to see muscle growth. Just make sure to drink plenty of water Amazing!

It's a good workout I can really feel the burn in my arm and chest it's great I love it Enjoy it!

Awesome app which i have ever seen It become a good frnd daily morning It make my body massive and very fit thank you app Brilliant

Nice app I been using this home work out previous app as I am now switched to this new app.i am having great change of my body Thanks app Cool

Very helpful app with displayed instructions. This is very helpful in case if you don't understand the written instructions you can follow the demo showed. Loved it. Keep up the good work developers. Not bad

It is a good app for Beginer. I always have a Business Travel and this app help me to keep my health for starting doing any work. Go well

Good for everyone Beginners and advance I used it for more than 15 days Its better than going gym. After 10 days you will be sweat machine . In 3 days u will feel change in your body and after 10 days other person So i want to say that before going any gym one must try this at least 10 days . Try all 4 workout daily start feom day one You will feel fat burn And muscle strength on day 1 Omg

Isme kitne kitne Marne hote he Jese ki 1st level me *3 Likha he t ki kya 3 push ups hi Marne he kya Worth it!

Best app ever. This and another app will be the last apps I'll uninstall. Brilliant

Nice app but just help me with one thing.. How can i know that what level should i choose and when should i change to another level ? Pls help, i am a begginer Awesome

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