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If not for the ads I find this app very useful in my daily life. And if not for the ads I would have given it 5 stars. I would recommend giving the option for removing the ads. wow lol

Stop the ads Please stop the ads with every count ads appear before I didn't get much ads like I get after the last update

Baraka Allah fekom Mashallah perfect

Very inappropriate The ads ruined it for me. I open the app to do my adhkar and music from the ad start playing! Other than that, the look is not easy on the eyes. The previous look was much better. Too bad because the app has potential but hearing music when you open an app to do an act of worship is unacceptable! By the way, there are MUCH better hisnul muslim apps without ads and with a better look and completly free. Better that you remove the ads or remove the app so you don't get sins from the ads.

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