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So fun and entertaining I love leveling up the vehicles. And the tracks are also different its so fun. Not bad

Nice game just like hill climb racing but it occupies only a small space in mobile Surprisingly

Very nice and superb... but few vehicle speed is low. So please increase. Speed. A vehicles... Tnx Highly Recommend.

I am searching for small size games and my sister likes hill climb racing my smartphone gets hangs on playing large size games so I like it Omg

Great Britain, thanks to Google play. Nice race game. I say that download this game. Amazing!

Very very very very very very very nice good and wondered full and I love it the tank is very very very very very nice and police car is also awesome the last road is not much nice. I repeat the same line the game is very very very very very very very nice good and wondered full I have no words to say the game is very good and nice Marvelous

Played this game for years on many different phones... always fun and a good time killer Fabulous!

Such a great game. Ditto copy of original hill climb racing in just 14mb(internal storage) Omg

Much like hill climb racing . But still better than most similar ones . It's fun and i will be keeping it . Cool

Maybe a copycat but the only game with good physics like hill climb racing, we just need more places and few more vehicles! Muito bom!

It is a good game but sometimes it doesn't work neatly so it's not a bad game Amazing!

This game is like hill climb but much much better than hill climb and finger soft game I love you hill racing pvp Awesome

Keren Kok Game Nya yang Bilang Jelek Game ini Berarti Tidak Menghargai Orang yang sudah membuat game ini, Saya Tanya Anda Bisa Membuat Game Tidakk??? love it

خیلی خوبه اما بعضی از مرحله هاشو فقط تا اوایلش میشه رفت از اون ببعدش واقعا ناممکنه حتی بهشون سخت نمیشه گفت جدا دست نیافتنی هستن love it

Well done google team and I like it and keep up! Thank you for making such games like this and public as we are very proud Great!

Bestest game ever but I have a complaint against the team that when any person gives complaint you say sorry but if a person appreciate you you never say Thank you it is the worst thing thing ever about this game you should always say Thank you if somebody appreciates you Good

This is one of the most easiest and coolest hill climb game I've ever played it rocks wow lol

This game is almost exactly the same as hill climb racing by fingersoft. It us also very hard to control, the song is dead annoying and the cars are rubbish. If u read this comment then take my advise. DON'T INSTALL THIS WEIRD GAME!! Well done!!

Fun and amazing game it's easy but sometimes challenging great work keep it up on games Highly Recommend.

I would of put 5 stars but I have Hill climb racing and this is so close to being exactly Hill climb racing, but there is a type of restaurant called Wcdonalds and it is practically McDonalds...just in japan. Great!

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