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I think this game is very fun and just amazing I love this game I'm never deleting it good job developer great game I recommend downloading it Brilliant

This game is the BEST game ever I think its even better then hill climb1 and 2. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Amazing!

A nice game, like the hill climb racing,and it needed very low storage just 6.4 mb unbeileaveble Good

This game is10000000times better than orignal hill climb racing the orignal one is of 40 or45 mb but this is only 6 or 7 mb game and best.i like it Marvelous

Ditto like high climb racing and high climb racing is 48 mb but hill racing PvP is just 6.4 mb nice game love it

Not happy i losed everything i have playd for so long all other games aotomaticly conects to facebook or google play but not this one and now every car and stade i have worked so hard for all the hours gone Flawless

The game is to give only 4 stars because I just liked it.You should lower the price of the scenes and the cars.So,think before you download this game. Surprisingly

Hello everybody who is hearing me dont download its rubbish and for the most tomato inc is a true copier and cheater of fingersoft and hill climb racing Pls Enjoy it!

This game is very interesting and childish but still needs improvement to get more rating Fantastic

This game is the copy of Hill cli HAL ticoma share shareit market f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** big boobs boobs mb racing please brothers don't is this is try again and this game is very nothing under one roof and don't download it because as for YouTube mass body and the book book by Recommend

Played the other, similar game, and this plays quicker and has better graphics. Not bad at all 5 star

Very good nice game .cannaot be boring super wonderfull game for play . I wil play lot of time .no ads . Amazing!

There are not much levels to play.Hope the people will check on this and will add more levels. But it's an amazing game. Perfect!

This game is fun at first but when you have it for a while it gets lame. Muito bom!

Good but simply a copy Only 1% is different from hill climb racing But as it has very much low MB we should download it But developers please try to come with your own ideas Worth it!

Super game why I'm telling means there are so many vehicles. I can trust that this game was very better than hill climb racing and we can save data Hill climb racing-48mb Hill racing pvp-6.6mb Pretty good

I liked this game very much. Please add here a super bike or some famous racing car like BMW, Audi R8. So please upgrade it Must have

This is way better then Hill climb racer better control, ability to get out of jams and to be able to exit anytime and keep your coins. Needs better engine sound Fantastic

Similar to hill climbing gives us the opportunity to experience the original hill climbing install it instead of wasting mb with original game Cool

The game is nice but this is same like hill climb race and it does not have many vehicle and levels Enjoy it!

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