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If you have the time and patients to get the coins to upgrade everything, it'll be worth it. Well done!!

I really like the way the car handles & the fact that u get Nos 2 boost u when u really need it. Plus I like the music. I CAN see why it has 100 million subscribers. Well done.! Flawless

I love this game because you could use all the expansions and use your money to buy stuff on like almost every other game there is. Worth a go!

My favorite driving app. So fun I've downloaded it on all my phones. Should be a default app on every new phone. Fantastic

One of the best ever hahaha!!! Keep it ☝ oh thats right you have w hill Climb racing 2.....also great fun.....folks go Check them out if you havent or if youve been living on Mars lmao....have a great day! Great job

Love it. The challenge levels are a nice touch to get some random type levels Cool

This is a great game i play it alot then i am bored at skool or when i am busy so ya Awesome

Maybe some new vehicles? Taxi. Limo. Tow truck. Hearse.... maybe some new stages too? Under water. Race track. Bridges. Derby. Graveyard. I originally posted this way back in 2015 and yet you said you are constantly improving the game??? We try and give you the developer new ideas but it seems that no one bothers to read our comments? I guess it's just a lack of interest. Hopefully this time someone will read it............ Highly Recommend.

It's a good game I guess. The controls are pretty good and all but the game would be better if there were some kind powers, try to make these updates, thanks! love it

Really great game at starting i have less coins now i have the race car best game ever Well done!!

This has Stayed true to it's original self. It's challenging and addictive but not frustrating, this is a really great game. Hope you enjoy as much as me Cool

This game is really fun and addicting. If you take the time and get enough coins to get the moon level, it's worth it. That place is a literal coin farm. Anyways, I recommend this game. Just wow

It has great gameplay and is a great time killer.If your looking for a game with good graphics and entertaining, i would highly recomend this game Amazing!

Best game to play. Good drive on hill. Rated 5 as believe to be best game always. Fabulous!

It's super fun I really enjoyed it you can get a lot of coins on the moon with the motor cylce Enjoy it!

Is goo game, just that modification are not too noticeable and very easy to loose. Must have

I need help I deleted my app by accedint and my data is gone im sooooooooooooo sad PLZ HELP Good

I have been playing since only 3 vehicles before gems, love this game for ALL ages. Missing one feature, to Backup progress on facebook. Pretty good

I've played this on two phones the first being the lumia 520 which was very good got all the the best rides Recommend

I love this game. Great way to pass the time. Had several friends also download it. Only thing missing is a way to compare stats with friends or maybe a friends list to easily compare stats. Must have

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