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I think that this game needs more garage vehicle and a way to save progress like on hill climb racing 2 Perfect

Time killer Its nice time killer game with fuel and nice addictive and I just love it very much Well done!!

I love this game wandering what's going on with the daily challenge today tho is it a glitch that u can't get thru the wall or am I missing something Enjoy it!

Husband had glitching ads and when they responded to him, they grossly over compensated in gems and coins. It took quite a bit of fun and the friendly competition out of the game. Perfect!

Love it ! ! But what the hell ! Rear wing on Super off Rd just falls off NOW ! BS Flawless

They need to add a revive feature on this game. Maybe play a 30 second advert and the player can then carry on playing. If you do this, I'll rate 5 stars. Awesome

You Thank I am so sorry for time being I have been in a meeting until you are you still Surprisingly

It's my favorite game & it's graphics was so excellent & it's was so good. So I like this game so much. Omg

My son like it....... And he says wow... Broom broom... JJaja. Nice game fingersoft...... Great!

Fun way to waste time. But, not in a bad way. Always want to get that next track add or vehicle. Highly Recommend.

At first I wasn't sure how good the game was but after playing it several times on Android and Windows 8.1 phone, I like it. It doesn't weigh down on the phone's processing power. A very addictive game!! Give it go. Muito bom!

Everything is "okay" I guess but plz go back to the old one y'all had... this upgraded one sucks big time... the cars don't go as fast as they used to and u could get more coins faster... also plz don't put ads in it... y'all suck for changing the game! Cool

Absolutely Love this game! Very addictive. BUT, I Got a new galaxy s8 and the gas pedal glitches☹ Must have

Plez put some changes in upgrading options..... Like..when we upgrade our vehicles...... Vehicles should look different...and..some added things like....nitros.,new wheels and etc.... By this changes this game will be liked and can be played by more and more people Awesome

This app is great for long rides on land or sky and it doesn't need WiFi to work. AWESOME!!K 5 star

Very good graphics and frame rate. However, maybe add a speedometer for mph or km/h? Pretty good

This is a very awsome game when ur bored just play it and trust me it will work i love it so much very addicting Amazing!

Loved it ! It was so fun could not stop playing it. Without a dought best game ever❤ Recommend

I have played this game for a long time. It has become o e of my all time simple and hypnotising. "Tempest fugid" Good

Yep!!! I Fantastic

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