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I think that more items should be added to the garage. Mainly bodies and motors. The gravel pro is all together good on any off-road level. Recommend

This game is one of the more fun ames I've ever found the only one that I can really find that trumps this one it it's it it's new release as Hill Climb Racing 2 only game that I found Fabulous!

I would pay for this app willingly if I could. But I wouldn't want any thing more than the version that is offered for free. Sense though doth make. Cool

I think you should give people more money at the start but in stead of that it is a good game Perfect

All my friends of THE WALL play it and thinks it's an awesome game, so do I because it a very good and someday everyone will play it and it's gonna be huuuuge Go well

This is good but improve her gems in game because the Genesis very compulsory in the game and and not 300 gems to unlock the garage 150 gems to to unlock the I think it is very Must have

I love this game totally adictive. More than 4 years on since I got it and still play it - great for kids. Enjoy it!

I don't understand all of the haters to this game first of all I keep seeing people saying that it takes ages to load, it doesn't it is just your device I have had it for like 3 months now and it has never taken that long. The old one didn't work very well- shall I go on tell me if I should because I can works a dream however I do agree that they could upgrade it a bit more and put like an underwater level on there.Thanks for a brilliant game Not bad

Nice update soon very good game please download I am very happy to see game we sure this game my father's give me a apple phone for this game I am sure you will be seen playing the role of race car Worth a go!

This is fun, the controls are odd but they do what there supposed t. I'm not crazy about the music but that's just my taste as a theatre and classical music kid. Amazing!

Excellent game especially if you have a tablet or smartphone I used to play it on the computer Just wow

Game is awesome! I've gone as far as possible though, would love some new maps please. Game is boring when you gotta play each level for 10 mins and do the impossible just to beat your previous high score. Cheers Amazing!

The best game i have ever played I have unlocked all level and vehicles only some vehicles are left Very nice game , Only do some changes in ragnarok You should download it wow lol

Well I like it personally and good time consuming and it runs really good and rarely get ads pls...there is some funny things that will make you laugh. Marvelous

I think they should make all the cars cheaper and put in a car that you could put custom engines on in garage like a hot rod and a mode to make an engine a more to make a body and a mode to make tires Flawless

I love this game But , They gave too much of money for vehicles and stages I love to play this game At first I don't know how to play But now I'm perfect Love you too Awesome

Been playing this game since it first came out years ago only gotten better with time just wish there was a way to save your process for when you get a new device and not lose all your work and have to start all over again Awesome

There are not any spectacular role for "BOOSTER & DIAMOND" . Instead of it, rests are superb .... Well done!!

You must download it now and then play like crazy it's really addictive Perfect!

Great game to kill time, the multi player don't seem to want to load that would be cool if it worked on my phone. love it

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