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Amazing It's an awesome game. I played the second one too. This one is much better though. I recommend you download it, I mean, look at the ratings!4.4! It's an amazing game. Please download it. :) Marvelous

For this game to be so simple compared to todays games and grafics, I love it. I spend hours sometimes playing this. Not to mention they keep upgrading and making it beter and better, keep it up fellas....i havent experienced any of the problems mentioned withthe updates others have but until then great game 5 star

Pretty fun. The Ads don't affect gameplay and it's not laggy. Only time-consuming to level up and progress - not challenging. Good job! Go well

This is by far my favorite game! The graphics are good, gameplay is simple but challenging, not a lot of ads, it is the best game I have played in years! The variety of levels and vehicles is amazing for a mobile game. Great job!! Works perfectly

I consider this one way better than the second, it's turned into a money grabs with a lot of ads over the years bit you can actually progress through the game without feeling the need of in game purchases Worth it!

This is an awesome game. Very addictive. I used to play it a lot a few years back and playing it now brings back memories. No complaints Cool

Best game but difficult to earn money so help me by giving me some money or unlock all my vehicle and stage Brilliant

It's very good game to play offline, thank-you for making it and make some new games Fabulous!

It was awesome, I finished it couple years back and then came back to all these updates! Highly Recommend.

Great game, challenging yet fun. This is my go to game now! The crazy neck antics just makes me smile the whole time! Good

Honestly one of the best online/offline games in the play store. Endless hours of fun. The controls are decent wish there was better brakes but that's ok. Marvelous

I don't know what the hell happened but I just lost all of my stuff. Please help 5 star

I like the game. I just dont think i could play it for hours like my other games. It is certainly addicting. Just not enough. Ya know? love it

Its a very good game without any tension of wining any difficult task...I like it very much and its not much addicting I have played many games but its very different. controls are also good but this game needs some practice . I am enjoying this game because the tasks are not very difficult but at the same time not very easy its a perfect game and the main character of the game is very funny he always sleeps in the finally.... I like this game very much Great!

I love it can't put it down its funny when the dude falls upside down and his head is or neck gets bent in ways a head shouldn't be lol. Come on in and try very fun game... glad to see new levels Fantastic

If parts of your vehicle fall off.. They're not part of the vehicle anymore! Doors on the ground have restricted my midair control and got me killed. Perfect

The only thing I don't like about it is you have to pay a lot of money in order to progress if you try to do it you won't get anywhere around got any money Recommend

this is my very very very much favourite game ! I can't say how much I love it BUT ,,, it annoys me We have to pay a lot of money to buy the vehicles pls fix this.... Amazing!

This game is very interesting and in this game there is very fun and I'm thinking that you should give nice review and tell to everyone to download this game so you should download the game the hill climbing and I am so glad to have this interesting game and I am requesting you to download this game and submitted it thank you Great!

I love it and I'm addicted to playing it. I like the fact that you can earn points if you don't want to buy them. It would be great if tilting the phone had an impact. don't change much though, its a great game:) Pretty good

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