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I would like to see the engine performances more realistic. IE a V12 should have enough horses to push a Jeep up a hill Omg

The first Android game I have. It was been making me feel addicted. Very recommend for spending the time. Highly Recommend.

One of the best ever hahaha!!! Keep it ☝ oh thats right you have w hill Climb racing 2.....also great fun.....folks go Check them out if you havent or if youve been living on Mars lmao....have a great day! love it

Not nearly as cool as it used to be. It's overrun with ads and pay options. The one thing they might actually want to improve though is the ability to switch apps when paused in a game. Doesn't seem to have that ability now Worth it!

Nice Joyce a lot for you can do that and the same problem in just to get to know the status of my favorite things in this message to you and I would have 7 5 star

Maybe some new vehicles? Taxi. Limo. Tow truck. Hearse.... maybe some new stages too? Under water. Race track. Bridges. Derby. Graveyard. I originally posted this way back in 2015 and yet you said you are constantly improving the game??? We try and give you the developer new ideas but it seems that no one bothers to read our comments? I guess it's just a lack of interest. Hopefully this time someone will read it............ Cool

It's a good game I guess. The controls are pretty good and all but the game would be better if there were some kind powers, try to make these updates, thanks! Recommend

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Have had this game on my last 3 phones! Fun game but it's a turn off to get asked for a review multiple times a session like today...I like you ok? Now..leave me alone.. Go well

This is a game of enjoyment.It can be anything like enjoyment when we are boredom,free,and lonely.This is a only thing made me joy,happy,and successfully to enjoy this game.Enjoy this game and find pleasure in many things. "THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS GAME" "THE HILL CLIMB" Fabulous!

This game is really fun and addicting. If you take the time and get enough coins to get the moon level, it's worth it. That place is a literal coin farm. Anyways, I recommend this game. Works perfectly

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I've liked this game for years. Some adjustments needed: realistically if gas goes empty and you're still coasting or you're in the air you should be able to coast until the vehicle completely stops or lands before the game stops. You've had the nitros in now which is great. However, you still haven't fixed the previous issue. IF I CAN COAST OR NITRO BOOST MYSELF TO A GAS CAN THAT'S LOGICAL. However, you stop the game before the vehicle stops moving which is in a sense, removing logic, and the law of motion! Works great

Great game, but I only have one issue which prevents me from giving 5 stars. This issue is that the hot rod doesn't go as fast as it should, I know this because I have grown up around hot rods and Rockabilly since birth. This is only a small problem for me, but it prevents me from enjoying the game as much as I'd like to. Please improve it. Brilliant

I've played this on two phones the first being the lumia 520 which was very good got all the the best rides Recommend

Great game. I can't stop playing it. But couldn't it connect to Facebook or google so what was done on the game could be saved. Ive lost alot cause it don't do that like hill climb 2. Brilliant

This is the best racing game I have ever played any other racing games are boring so I would rate this a 1,000,000/10 Superb!

The best racing game ever, don't even have tension of winning or loosing, I love this game, thank you for such a wonderful ride n upgrade Works perfectly

When i Started playing this game it was the best thing you've ever done to myself when I started playing it was steak skin cells said yes Thomas immune live Great!

I love playing this game , its very cool 5 star

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