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I played it and maxed 2-3 vehicles and synced it to google play games.Now when i want to sync , it shows a message "you have reached the maximum number of synchronised devices". What should i do to get my saved game back? Well done!!

Husband had glitching ads and when they responded to him, they grossly over compensated in gems and coins. It took quite a bit of fun and the friendly competition out of the game. Works great

I love this game but I wish you could race other people. I do like it better then hill climb 2 because hill climb 2 has boring levles. This game has more and funner levles. This game is really funny Works great

Just great just a really great great game yano ya think to yourself wow I need a free cartoony racing game to play for hours and hours and then BAM you find hill climb racing and all your problems are solved Omg

It's Fantastic game but sometimes I get stuck in level like the deserts season it was fantastic but you have to improve the game it was easy but it was her also and we need more gems and money to improve that. Enjoy it!

Absolutely Love this game! Very addictive. BUT, I Got a new galaxy s8 and the gas pedal glitches☹ Pretty good

BEWARE!!! The game is a lot of fun, & I bought a LOT of coins for upgrades. But Beware! I got a new phone about a yr ago. I hadn't played the game since then & was looking for something to do a cpl of weeks ago & remembered the game. To my surprise ALL the upgrades I had paid for in the game were GONE!! Very Disappointed! I supported the developer & yet my purchases disappeared. So beware!! I refuse to pay for coins again! Highly Recommend.

Plez put some changes in upgrading options..... Like..when we upgrade our vehicles...... Vehicles should look different...and..some added things like....nitros.,new wheels and etc.... By this changes this game will be liked and can be played by more and more people Brilliant

At first I wasn't sure how good the game was but after playing it several times on Android and Windows 8.1 phone, I like it. It doesn't weigh down on the phone's processing power. A very addictive game!! Give it go. Works great

Everything is "okay" I guess but plz go back to the old one y'all had... this upgraded one sucks big time... the cars don't go as fast as they used to and u could get more coins faster... also plz don't put ads in it... y'all suck for changing the game! Recommend

Killing the driver! Love flipping and snapping the drivers neck. Be great to cause big rigs with radioactive / nuclear waste to crash and burn in highly populated areas and Kill mass mounts of idiots. OR JUST RUN EM OVER TILL THERE FLAT ! MURDER. MURDER. MURDER. Marvelous

This game is good now as it was launched it didn't had many and exciting features so I'm gonna tell that if you download it it will be awesome to you just try Muito bom!

The thing because I didn't gave 5 stars in control as the gas goes empty and we can't reach at the top of the mountain every time Brilliant

Awesome game..I love playing but only one thing I don't like that it takes too longer time for coins for buying stages and vehicles.. Good

Yep!!! I Worth a go!


I've downloaded this game on every phone I've had since this game came out. It keeps me coming back everytime I get a new phone. Superb!

Best game you could ever play it is a perfect time waster it could bee triggering because you can't beat the games but it's perfect for People Highly Recommend.

I love this game but i have an idea for a new vehicle.. if you made a snow machine and had it so you can upgrade it to extend the track or something like that Works great

It's legitimately a fun casual game, leveled up the monster truck all the way and I'm having a blast. love it

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