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I thought the game was really really good the graphics were good the controls I like them they weren't great but overall the games really good Works perfectly

It is the best car games I have played .. And not only that it has cool graphics and lots of places to play and the best cars Surprisingly

Its a pretty good game, but it could use a bit more vehicles and characters. I also think it should have paints to paint your car with. I like how you get to have INSANE air times. Awesome

Like the game just annoying how long it takes to earn point for upgrades. And you have to start from the beginning every time even when fully upgraded Works great

You have to drive very carefully or you bounce and crash lol a brilliant game of driving skill well done guys Enjoy it!

Would be 5 stars if I didnt have to start over at nothing every time i get a new phone! Must have

I really love this game a lot it is my favorite game In the world Perfect!

I hate this game but actually I am joking that this game is actually disgusting this game is excellent. You can improve this game by making controlls more good Not bad

This game is very funny and difficult also and I request to everyone please play this game Fantastic

All I can say is that it is a blast. I especially like the latest boot camp. Great! To bring you all up to speed .factory level not bad but I like nukummmm !!!!! Just updated the new seasons course very cool and watch what your doing or you could go squash oww. Nice one YOU STILL NEED TO FIX THE PEDALS SO THEY STOP.......STOPPING. Awesome

See i have also played hill climb racing 2 but in that it is very difficult to join coin and in hill climb 1 it is very easy . I love this game Marvelous

I think you guy's should work more on making more maps and maybe if you guy's are up to making it ,it would be cool if you guy's could make something to where the player's could mod the paint on their cars that you make in the garage pus that would be cool Must have

The whole game is brilliant, but there is one problem. For some reason, you lose fuel even if the car is rolling down the hill without the gas on. It makes no sense and is a tiny annoying feature that would be amazing to fix. Great!

I love the game it is so cool not so many ads and the car are great it so cool one thing if you can a practice mode and flying car Enjoy it!

It's a good idea to get a new one for you to be able to make it to the end of the day and the time to have tons of fun and delight to be a good match for me. Worth a go!

The game is ok. Wish it didn't force you to flip so easily. It's an ok game, not my favorite though. Worth it!

OMG look at this game loved it best game ever my favorite car is the big finger because of how big and strong it is my second favorite is the rally truck for how fast it is and it can go really far on the moon with its low gravity and all the details. I only have 1 complaint it is how horrible the guy looks put more details on it. Marvelous

Love the new updates. The best part is I can play all day if I want to, no need to worry about lives running out! Flawless

Me and daughter njoy playing game together hours of fun we each have our own vehicle's and favourite courses defo recommended if anyone's thinking of downloading Perfect!

I like it a lot but the only is that the jeep is not fast it sucks at flips. It sucks st hills. Well done!!

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