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Addictive game I really enjoying the game , I will give 5 stars if there is a possibility to change the colours of vehicles becoz its boring to see them in a same colour always ...

First-time I've been playing for a few days now and I still can't get used to the gas and brake pedals. Maybe with more practice I can get passed level 3. Overall great game though. Great for passing time on smoke breaks at work.

Sweet little game Its a bit addictive simple and fun also a little challenging like the new updates. The coin sound and bonus sounds will drive you nuts maybe next update add an option to turn it off thanks

Good Everything on this good graphic game is awesome, but you should be able to let your car keep going after your person cracks his neck or run out of gas!

Really good Its a really amazing game I have had no problems with the game + the coins and all the purchases are so cheep every thing is reasonable it doesn't seem that way at first but it is mostly because you get so many coins every run.

Best game out there Hours of entertainment and lots of variety in landscapes and vehicles keep 'em comin nothins better than noticing an update for hill climb one suggestion. Add a track with gaps you can fall in. And jumps to clear just a thought

Enjoyable time killer Hate that I can't migrate to a new phone without starting over, I dislike any game that tries to take cash to play. I wish you could start near where you crash and wish I could find a finish line occasionally.

Awesome Very awesome game but if u have ever downloaded it should save so u can start from where u were just saying trying to improve ur app sorry

I love it But when I want to open the game and want to play the phone vibrate to loud and it closes the game unnecessary please fix this problem

Mackdog I thought it was ok I mean it after the first time I played it started crashing on its own I would push the gas and it would be on the side where the brake is going down id be pushing the gas pedal and it would be pushing the brake

More customization I love this. It needs character customation because I'm sick of having the same character. Maybe let you start a character from scratch then get a total at the end from your coins. Just an idea.

Entertaining A perfect way to kill time when waiting. Warning. The music will drive some people to insanity! The motorcycle is the funniest vehicle to drive by far... Especially on the moon!

I have a suggestion? I love this game alot guys it really deserves a 10 star rating. My suggestion though is that you should do like a co-op competitive race against people just have two players online be on the same level with their own choices of vehicles and do like best two out of three runs to see who gets the furthers run or runs put together.

Great game Its gone 'downhill' unfortunately... stop messing with the simplicity of the game and I hate having to unlock everything again when it updates

Insanely addictive Hill climb would have a 5 star rating from me if I didn't have to restart all progress every time I upgrade my phone, if there was a feature to transfer progression, not just purchases it would make life a bit easier! =) Other than that, the game is incredible. I'm hooked, and have been for about a year and a half! Brilliant progression, frequent updates involving new tracks/vehicles, and above all just fun to play!!

Great but could be better This game is really addictive but I think it would be better if you could sell the vehicles you didn't want anymore and to be able to save it on a software like origin so you never lose the game even if you change your phone, as everyone I have a new phone I have to start from scratch and it's quite frustrating

Best scrolling hill climb game out there Lots of vehicles, lots of levels, lots of fun, a bit frustrating at times. Overall, this game gets five stars from me. I check the play store as often as I can in anticipation of a new update with a fun new vehicle and/or level. The upgrade system seems to be tuned just about right (you don't want to have the best of everything right off the bat, do you?). Levels are fun and challenging with good attention to detail, and vehicles are treated with the same, if not more. Thanks Fingersoft! Favorite game!

Great for boring times I think its a great game to pass the time. Very basic but hard to try and beat your own score. Grapbics have this old Nintendo feel to it. Brings it back old school style

I'm had all the vehicle and lot of the stages and upgrades now it all gone. I had reload the game. I still find it's a good way to waste time.

Hill Climb Racing is fun. Except it wont let me play unless I have wifi. fix that and it might get a 5.

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