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I love it. Even tho I upgraded all the vehicles and drive as far as I can on all land. Added new stuff would be great like wild west land with catcus to ram through or a stagecoach pulled by horeses or a dogsled. Added trailer to tractor truck would be awesome too! Worth it!

This game is really cool and it has a really great time killer. You should download this game... IT'S HALARIOUS! Cool

My data was backed up in cloud... After few weeks am installed it nd sync it with cloud but my resourcees didn't came back.. I only got back the achievements... Plz fix it... I am playing this game for so many days Just wow

It's hilarious when the cars break like the bus and when the motorcycle breaks your charecter will fall off the bike which made it twice as interesting. I personally like the first game better than the second . Marvelous

This was my first time and i thought this game was awesome so i defenetly recommend it to everyone out there so if i was you i'd play it so if i was you rate it alright. Must have


I have been playing this far and I like this game keep doing what your doing. Maybe slot more coins When hill climbing and new cars and trucks haha maybe a helicopter. Omg

Add a rat rod and pick up truck skate park level and zombie level with zombie bus? Quality game Cool

So fun and takes up all the time and it makes u try more than the other car games Surprisingly

The game is fun. The game also has many options on vehicles, especially the garage. This game is worth my time and I suggest that everyone should try it. I was wondering when this game will be updated, because I would like to suggest that the game should have a 6x6 vehicle, besides the trailer of course. I hope that my suggestion can be realised or helpful. Cool

This is a really great game but it is very easy to get sick of and u don't have a username and password to log in witch I hate because u get sick of it u Delet it to get a new game and then u miss it and u can't come back when u re instal it. Omg

First I said has very good graphics. Fabulous!

Nice ho to mast hai aap mast ho mera nam Brijendra बजंरग दल वाले es game ko khel kar life mast hai ham bhi chate hai ki es game bahut se log khele जय जय बजंरग दल जय जय Go well

Buying diamonds with money is a good idea but selling diamonds isn't available in this game. We should be able to sell diamonds with real money Just wow

It'd be Kool for the graphics to have a 'turn' you could say where u come closer to the screen getting bigger or away and getting smaller plus you can had bonuses and traps for the higher distances. P.s. just a rough idea but isn't that how every good idea start's Just wow

Super fun time killer on break at work. Can get tedious grinding/farming coin for the higher upgrades. Good

Great game, perfect to play for 5 minutes or an hour to kill, my kids love it, specially bills animations to the environment. Just wish I could save/load from one device to another. Muito bom!

I didn't just put 5 stars on everything just becaused I like the game, but because I actually thought about the question, and I put 5 stars on everything. I have spent 2 months looking for a game I actually like. This is the chosen one. Not bad

I've deleted this game serval times because I just didn't have the storage but I keep coming back to it. It's great. The gameplay so amazing and good graphics. Superb!

I really love this game! Been playing this for years but just today, I can't access my garage. The application keeps on crashing. Can you explain this? I tried rebooting my phone over and over again but still it isn't working. Please make a response and action as soon as possible. I'm getting frustrated. More power! Muito bom!

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