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I like it I think you should just get more cars and more upgrades for your car. I would give over a hundred million thumbs up bud you can follow me on YouTube my username is X foxy 21 and follow me on Google Plus the same username . Great job

This is a great game. I've only had it for bout a day but its addictive and it's all I've been playing (my mom told me to get off several times and talk to my nephews... I said no Good

Great game.would like there to be an update that has levels in the game, and if you play on the nofmal mode as usual create sink holes that lead to under ground tunnels.It would be cool if there were a few power ups in the game aswell, but must say the game is fantastic anf love it Recommend

I've always loved this game. The things I'd really love to see is a backup solution built in and a restore purchase cause I've bought to disabled ads but I lose it when I got my new phone. Superb!

This is fun, the controls are odd but they do what there supposed t. I'm not crazy about the music but that's just my taste as a theatre and classical music kid. Cool

I'm not a great gamer. I like games that reward patience and persistence. This is fun, and if you stick with it, things get better and better. Very glad I downloaded this one. Enjoy it!

Good game kids love it. fairly easy to upgrade vehicles and advance stages. I like the moon stage cuz I get the big monster truck and I keep doing a bunch of flips and backflips and neckflips and I stack up a lot of coins that way so yeah it's great game awesome keep up the good work I see you guys got number 2 out already keep it up Muito bom!

I did have this once and got really far. Came back on it with same account but gotta start over Fantastic

Game is awesome! I've gone as far as possible though, would love some new maps please. Game is boring when you gotta play each level for 10 mins and do the impossible just to beat your previous high score. Cheers wow lol

I love this game! Once you start driving it is so hard to stop (seriously)!! I had that little jeep literally flying up those steep, bumpy hills! It's also really humorous. Surprisingly

The game glitches and makes u mess up sometimes.. But I really really like this game Not bad

The items are hard to earn. There are no good directions when it comes to the garage. What do you do with the stuff you get from the toolbox? I would like more instructions and easier rewards. I had a lot of upgrades and things open but something happened with my phone and I lost everything. Rebuilding stinks. Enjoy it!

Been playing this game since it first came out years ago only gotten better with time just wish there was a way to save your process for when you get a new device and not lose all your work and have to start all over again Must have

Only thing that sucks is if you have to switch phones all your in app purchases and game play is lost completely Pretty good

Thx for adding (daily challenge) and video for 15k coins. I would you to ask for the favor to add daily rewards and increase the value x2 for video reward from 15k-30k and for that favor I rated 5 stars because the rating will help you guys in knowing that it works good on my device. I would to ask for something new to add if it does not exist yet. Thanks for your time reading and knowing my goals I like to see in future updates! Highly Recommend.

By far the best hill climb game. After getting a new phone, downloaded and couldn't get my previous data :( Loads of vehicles and levels Loving the new custom car Never get bored of this. Fabulous!

ave made it impossible to level up with out buying boxes. To the point where they just have a finger come down and kill you. Stay clear Surprisingly

You should put more faster and modern cars like a camaro or a mustang and other levels or stages like in Hill climb 2 and also add sports cars and make it seem more real or 3-d Works perfectly

Needs more content like vehicles and maps and should be able to use regular cars in the garage other than that I can't stop playing it one of my favorites Not bad

The game is really fun but I think the vehicle should be a little cheaper or it should be easier to get money because I have to watch videos all the time just to get my cars. Perfect!

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