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I like it cause when I'm bored, I need a challenge so I think this game heals my boredness!! Pretty good

This game is cool!if you kill someone senpai will come and drag there bodies to help you!I like how everyone looks different like they are in a different style WELL not EVERYONE but I love the game! Recommend

we need more things to dress in you need to add the kids and every other outfit in game every character in game can you add the option to go through all the character skins and choose one to be?i reallly want new clothing please Enjoy it!

Very boring, very poor job on this,very dissatisfied with this.its so boring Muito bom!

I love this game! I find it so fun and enjoyable. The controls could be better, but everything else is just great to me. I know that a lot of people find it boring, but this is such a fun game. I will say that it would be cool if there was an option to maybe befriend a character or few that would kill and hide the bodies with you. I think that would be pretty awesome. I love the game though - my siblings included. Thank you so much for creating it! Great!

Like this review.. But, few things! Why it's sometimes glitches? And why must kill students?? Please add more tools, clothes, messeges... Enjoy it!

This is the game I always want it it says I know last one I clicked on it says I am hungry I am bursting Muito bom!

It was ok but you have to start dealing with the controls because its so hard to control Good

this the best game ever download to find hacks, the SWAT team will never know! lol Highly Recommend.

HOW TO KILL EVERYONE(BUT SENPAI SADLY) so what I do is kill a person (use the magic cat head btw till u get to the gaurds use a sword) and use infinite jump to get onto the bike think (make sure no one sees you) that will glitch senpai were he will walk in place and what I do is wait for every one to get to their places go and sneakily kill the swimmers, go to one class ask everyone to follow me to the empty hall (one with no class rooms) kill them press B then X she will toss the body's and soon they will expload. do this for all the class rooms! then jump to the cafe and kill the three girls press B then X and go to the gym ask 2 girls out side kill them then press B then X go do this for all the girls and use a sword sneak up and kill the gaurd kids. wow lol

I mean for some reason j couldn't do anything but kill and not pick up weapons unless I put change weapon so.... But usually KUMA GAMES are good Cool

this game is good but i want to ask ki vo black clothes me boy jo walk krta rheta h kaun h Worth a go!

The test mode is not there anymore I just wanna know whats the test mode music is called Amazing!

Its Cool but i want Three Things To Be added that Can Make This Game Better! Omg

This is sssssooooooo fun but can you put teachers and some of the studens dreesses in the game and the animal kuds that too love it

Please make a real yandere simulator game I'm sad because your play games is not real yandere simulator game like High school simulator Girl A don't play this games I'm gonna love one game only but I'm happy because YOU'RE making games Cool

To be honest I think that this is a decent game but I did find a massive glitch pleaser fix Awesome

Its good but maybe a naked options would make it better just kidding its a good game Perfect

Its ok why characters if i killed and next day is alive and they looking disguting but is ok BUT I DONT CARE XD Recommend

I have only one thing to say or maybe a have more then one question WHY IS THERE MINDLESS ZOMBIE STUDENTS EVERYWHERE.But its fun to kill everything for senpai.this game is OK Flawless

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