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I watched a video to unlock some stuff, but it was only for the day. I deleted this app even though I Loved it besides that. Marvelous

I absolutely love Highly Recommend.

This is just a fantastic game you should download it. Go know to the playstore and download it Works perfectly

I love this game it is makeing me think of prom when ingrow up Recommend

Formally did not work at first. Now the game works perfect. Thanks for fixing. Surprisingly

I would give it five stars but there is not much fun in the game but it is good Must have

Nice game for girls.dressing and other things are nice but it have too much ads . Muito bom!

Good but I couldn't see the dance hall... It was the only game that didn't stop in the middle of game Highly Recommend.

Liked it. It is pretty good. It has never froze up on me. I would have given it 5 star's but you have to watch a video to get a different stuff and sometimes it doesn't even work. Brilliant

Cool app Too much ads and you can improve by giving more parts were the dates can capture amazing time,and please make more amazing free clothes,that's all I can say but the app is ok Superb!

Pretty good It was pretty good,I liked how you got to do her makeup and dressing up the boys and the girls Perfect!

Loved it but Hey this game is awesome but but there are not other places I hope in future New places will come Highly Recommend.

I hate it a bit when I started playing. It just keep saying "High School Prom has stopped" and when I try again it did it again I was so mad!! Enjoy it!

I love it At first I hated it because it kept saying its need shot down but its now stable and I love ie Worth it!

I love this is a good game Perfect

My sister love's it wow lol

The bom The first one don't know what she is talking about this game is the best game ever and I love romantic things it's so sweet but I don't have to worry about what she said it is her opinion Worth a go!

My sister love's it Recommend

My sister love's it Enjoy it!

My sister love's it Cool

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