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GOOD morning everyone who has been a while back and forth between the two of the most popular and its not a problem with the same time as a result of the most popular and its people who have been the most popular Fabulous!

This is so great! But you need to buy the full version of it so you can unlock The spa Perfect

It's a lovely game but some amazing fun section are locked plz open them for free Fabulous!

I love this game and you can even have the experience of being the prom queen as well this game is one of the best I have ever played. Fantastic

It just have alot of lock the owner of this just need money, WHY IS SHE/HE HOMELESS!?! Marvelous

I love this game. I play so many games but I have never played a game like this this is awesome right I love People who don't like are stupid . Must have

I don't know what to say..I love it so much that I can't even get my fingers off of it thank u for this awesome game I hope u make more games JUST like this awesome game Good

I love these game so much the only bad thing is soon as you get the app you can't get the spa or the photo shot but I stell love the game so y'all should get it cause the next day yoll unlock it Just wow

I love it so much but please unlock all of them like the spa and toe hair salon don't make people buy them please unlock everyone of them please Cool

It's fine. I just hope you can just choose which character you want. I haven't played the whole game so I don't know if you can change your hair style or colour. Please make it more exciting and don't rush with love. Take it slow next time okay? 5 star

I love it you should make more games more i love i like this i do not care what other people think make more it Superb!

I like that you can choose the boy you like and the type Flawless

If I was you I wouldn't play this game . It doesn't let you choose who you like and when you press to get for it turns black . You shouldn't install this game. Pretty good

I like this game but I have to buy stuff to do it and am only 10years. Old how am supposed to buy it Perfect

The only thing that is still available for the van is a good day please see the van and the only thing I have been working with you and your family Brilliant

This is good but ye game full version nahi detox or it is boring and it does not give update Brilliant

It is ok but I don't like that the picture on play store is not like the real one 5 star


Worth a go!

5 star

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