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The beauty behind the game can be calming. its great relax, find objects with no pressure.... Omg

For those of you that think to many adds. 5 seconds is nothing. Try some games where there 30 seconds Cool

'This is one of my favorite hidden games. You guys (gals) really know your stuff! My one and only complaint is having to watch the same ad over and over again. I'm understand they are necessary but if you can, change them around! :) Keep on making such beautiful and great games. Great!

I give all these Hidden Object games 5 stars for the vibrant yet warm colors the different backgrounds plus the ability to go back to the beginning and find different objects and keep your brain in shape no matter what age! Perfect

I just love this game. Beautiful 3d pictures . I enjoy the choices of games play and the additional mini games offered. Good

I really enjoy playing the game, but please remove the snakes!!!! Don't like them not even on pictures. My mobility is not what it use to be the games are a real company keeper, just remove the snakes!!! Pretty good

Great photography which makes it interesting but they are not all easy to find its a good challenge. no time limit no stress Not bad

Like the game but don't like the adds where I don't earn coins. I won't wat h them Works perfectly

I am 72-year-old and I use this game to improve my eye sight and my mind in a very enjoyable way Worth it!

Some of the items I have no clue what they are, one looks like game, lots of opportunity to earn coin, wish there were more levels, but you can replay previous levels as items are mixed up and not the same. Also if you "paid" coin to open free play levels, you shouldn't have to pay again for campaign mode..doesn't make sense since its the same levels and game.. Pretty good

I play the casual game with no time limit. Relaxing and fun. Beautiful graphics. wow lol

Good game - too many adds have put me off all your games - a real pity because you really have something here Just wow

This game is fun and addictive but it's sad that there are so many ads and you have to buy every round or next level in order to continue if you run out of coins you're out of luck until the next day. It would be a lot more fun if you didn't get interrupted and have to watch all the ads. Then even on the FreePlay you still have to buy the next level so how can you call it free Pretty good

Thoroughly enjoyed this game. I like the way many items are hidden from view with only parts showing. Makes you have to think, not merely walk through the motions Recommend

WOW!!! I love the games that you have taken and made them so awesome!! Thanks so much :) Not bad

I love the 3D. It's so sharp and when you tilt your phone, it seems like the picture is moving. Sometimes while searching for a hidden object, it's hiding behind something - a leaf, a branch. When I finally find it I've been known to say "How sneeky!". My regret is that at the Play Store, there's no way to know which of the hidden object games is 3D. I wish there was. The game is fun. Recommend

I am on level 20 and I only have one complaint. I wish the music wasn't constantly the same song. It is relaxing at first but after hearing it repeat over and over it gets annoying. I also for some reason am having trouble with the campaign screen when clicking on the puzzle. For some reason I have to tap it three or four times before it opens it, but In the game it registers my tap fine... Lastly the graphics! Amazing images however It funny to see some of these animals together with other animals and background that would never happen in real life. I'm not being negative about it, I'm just saying it's always a surprise to see what will actually be in the final picture. Fabulous!

A game with complicated levels that keeps you thinking and searching. Very enjoyable. Perfect!

Hidden object wilderness,, great to see moms & their babies they are so sweet. Thanks again.☺☺☺☺☺ Superb!

Great game Lot of fun finding the other objects. Good way to pass time. Need more levels to be 5.. Great job

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