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Hidden object fairys dwell Absolutely old time fairy magic in beutiful scenery.That should delight all who look apon this beutiful game the music isnt half bad either. So as usual youve done it again Flawless

Hidden Objects - Fairies Dwell Beautiful colors in each scene. Real good competitors are able to be challenged in level. Wish there were more levels.

Love it I love the graphics. And it's moderately difficult. It's definitely a must hav for the right people who love to find things.

Hidden Objects: Fairies This game is a lot of fun to play. The game has 25-levels to complete, each with bright color schemes and clearly identifiable objects.

Hidden objects - Fairies Totally awesome, great pictures. Objects hard to find but you won't beat your head against the wall

Great game Really liked this. The items are well hidden which challenges you. love the graphics and music.

Hid/Objects Fairies LOVE all the Hidden objects games just Wish they all came with a zoom for the objects.

Nice and Soothing Galaxy Note 3: At first I had a problem with an item being hid behind the menu pop-up button on the left of the screen, but when I left the game and came back, that button wasn't there. Not sure how that happened, but since it was doable, I can't blame the app developer. The game itself was beautiful with beautiful music. I had thought it was going to have a plot, since apparently, this is the first game in a series that leads to the vampire game, and the description of that game makes it sound like there's a plot. But no plot here: just 25 beautiful screens of hidden objects. I did find the earlier screens to be easier than the later ones, but the hardest ones for me were in the middle. Overall, it was enjoyable and relaxing, and I might play it again. I think I prefer more depth in my games rather than just pure hidden object.

Wonderful game. The quality is great, crisp and clear. The music is soothing and the scenes are beautiful. Fun to play.

Love it. This is the best hidden game I have found so far. 25 levels, great scenes, the higher the level the harder it gets! Real relaxing, some are well hidden. If you like hidden games, this is one to try! No scene is too dark, great for teens & up. I give 5 stars!!

So cute! I love the background music and hidden puzzles are one of my favorites. Didn't give 5 stars only because the picture is so small on my Exhibit II. Recommend to get Hidden Object - Fairies Dwell APK.

Fun! Fun game but have to tap 2 or more times to accept. Little slow when trying to beat your high score. Love the pictures.

#playing-a-game Cute game! Pretty graphics; not hard but not super easy either; nice music. Overall a fun game to play!

#hidden-picture Alright! I enjoyed this game at first, but the levels are repetitive and the backgrounds are limited. Super cute, but not good for long-term play.

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