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the mom was so cute i couldn't not review tbh i don't like that the intro is there for every level? kind of annoying but art is mad cute i like this also mom same Go well

The notification when picking up stuff is unnecessary. Otherwise this is a really fun little puzzle game. Good

This game is charming. So balmy there are chuckles to be had in each level, especially when you fail. Try it you'll love it. love it

It was amazing. I love how 1000 days ended with the boy reunited with his family. Enjoy it!

Remember the early days of the net? When flash games were all the rage? A lot of the golden ones were from Japan and this is a great example of it. "Paint" graphics, minimal ui, almost or no explanation of what to do, wacky scenarios, short but fun to play. Enjoy it!

At first glance through the screenshots, I thought this was just some low effort puzzle games, especially with the bad english. But the reviews wasn't fake. This game is good! Go play it! Awesome

This game is so random, absurd, and smart at the same time. 5 stars for the uniqueness and absurdity Fantastic

This is an amazing and rediculous puzzle game. Haven't played something this thematically hilarious in a long time. Wonderful work! wow lol

I love the game. Good

I came across this on the Nintendo Switch and almost paid for it and wanted to look up reviews and found it as an app and glad I did. Not worth $5 but highly amusing little escape the room game. Made me lol for reals. Ending made me awwww out loud for reals as well haha. Go well

such a stupid game but yet so funny! this game is seriously incredible! you guys should try it! and it has a deep meaning in the end. good job, creator-ssi! Works perfectly

I cant get past 1000 days cis my tablet kept on lagging and lagging. But this game is fun. Use ur mind to get over the levels. This is a mind-bending game. But pls fix the lags. Tnx! Worth it!

this game is so cool and i like the room number 30 it is so sad T-T super sad.......but how can his family be alive about is. Awesome

It was very entertaining. I believe it's probably for kids, but even so, I had a number of levels I got stuck on and decided to use a few hints, unable to control my curiosity. Suppose I've lost part of my ability to think outside the box. Love the ending, really nice way to give that kind of advice! Congrats and keep it up, guys Works perfectly

The game is overall entertaining and awesome, not to mention the arts that is cranky yet cute! But, the english grammar could use some help... I can't understand the hints! Highly Recommend.

Hilarious! Simple but with well executed concept that had me giggling at each failed attempt. I loved the music and voices, they were quite funny. The puzzles weren't hard to solve, but it's still fun. Will try all other versions as well. Fabulous!

It's a cool game that you can do when you don't know what app on your device you want to play or have nothing to do and there's no WiFi! And I love the ending! It was a beautiful story! Whoever doesn't like this game shall be banned from hap. Inc! Marvelous

Few games with such sparse graphics even Flavin and LeWitt would consider them beyond the zenith of their movement, can take the player on an emotional journey of such richness - tears of frustration; laughs of frustration; bafflement of frustration that coalesces with elegant ease a narrative of seeking a true and immediate purpose with a morality tale of such profundity it would be indiscreet to write any more on the matter. And so it was that this game - its soundtrack sonata electronically evoking semantic satiation - took me on a personal pilgrimage of newly awakened awareness - the role of authoritative parent, the way the natural world is intimately integrated into the quest to retain humanity. It was all over so quickly, though - fullheld by the burden of what I had learned I could do little more than weep once the trifling congratulation had subsided. I would encourage the earnest soul - the curious mind - the yearning heart to download and play this game. It will move you like it moved me. Brilliant

I love it so much. It's so funny. But when 1000 days, it's right that mom is important than game.. I love it so much.. Thanks because make this game. I will play hidden my game by mom 2 Enjoy it!

I think it's a good game but I don't speak Japanese so it's kinda hard to play. I think u should put lots of different languages not just one. Marvelous

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