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Pfft. You guys stupid even Victor Kruger does. My battery life actualy expand. If you called the app do #FOOL Surprisingly

Very useful app.. I love how it saves battery consumption while the device is in standby mode. Works great

I have monitors for data, network speed, cpu, gpu, ram, and battery. I've read the manifest and permissions, I know this app works. I use it along with DOZE, which lets me stop the apps of my choosing (when screen off) your the only app on the store that addresses the CPU without ROOT. Y'all deserve an award for this work. Install this app, set it, install DOZE, set it up, fully charge your phone, Then let it sit for four hours, (if you can) then check your battery level. THEN LEAVE YOUR REVIEW. THANKS PACE. Amazing!

Este funciona mesmo! É simples... mas ocupa muito espaço. Poderiam melhorar isso? Perfect

Is this Sorcery? This app makes my xiaomi rednot 2 that known as the most inefficient battery life to total battery tank. Before I can go down to 80% just a 20 minute use. After I installed this app, somehow after 3 hours it stays from 100 to 80. Incredible. Root access needed, don't know why others didn't notice or grant access. 10/10 Worth it!

Very useful..its working perfectly on my device and save battery life.its also make my device run smoothly without lag..tq developer for this apps Highly Recommend.

even some battery saver apps still complicated compare to this apps. it's simple, yet really do it's job.. Works great

Awesome apps, but you don't know the apps is doing to the apps installed in the phone. Works great

I've no idea how this app works but my battery life has improved atleast while in standby Recommend

Ya wake up people don't listen to those that don't really do their homework or any test for that matter I put this app to extreme test the most impressive one was a Galaxy S4 that was full to the hilt with different weather apps games and other resource hogs I tested it numerous times from full charge to end with app on and off with numerous phones it works like a charm even better if you keep your phone clean when a app can save you 3 to 4 extra hours on a smart phone thats results but I also know how to keep my phone working smoothly surprisingly allot of people don't don't and expect miracle apps to do everything for them! Surprisingly

Absolutely BRILLIANT!!.. For once, an app that actually does what it says it does! Thank you! :-) Superb!

It took a while to convince me, but this app is indeed a very effective battery saver. Suggestion to the author: no need to always run fullscreen - could run minimized from notification bar, with high priority. Works perfectly


This app works. I highly suggest downloading it to get more out of your battery. It saves alot. Thanks! Recommend

Its doing a good work but it need to run automatically so we don't have to keep opening again cause i do forget that i have to open Not bad

This is the actual battery very smoothly and you really see the difference if used other battery saving apps..this actually stops your phone cpu wen n sleep mode nd it really works..kudos to the developers✋ love it

Increase in battery life is substantial. No instructions. I'm going to assume green means I'm turning it on. Ads cover half of what little text there is. Highly Recommend.

Firstly, some apps still work secretly when screen goes off. Secondly, if phone is hibernated, when ON, phone is supposed to start as been hibernated. Instead it makes the phone begins to boot like 30 mins before it comes up. I use Infinix Zero X506. Upgrade both complaints. Thanks 5 star

On apps store more than 20 with same improve plus . this is simplest 1. Good app Perfect!

Why does it need access to my Bluetooth section of my phone and does it really work on non rooted phones??? Great!

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