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Just installed and haven't had a chance to use it but if it does what it says then it will be a great VPN app Enjoy it!

Just installed. Will return for more review after I've used it for a while. Downloaded very nicely. Not liking how everytime I touch an app this app pops up interrupting things. Any way to stop that? Would be worth the fifth star. Marvelous

I already try lots VPN and this app the best than others and i believe it. It help me so much. But i hope can find new feature. Thank you. Amazing!

خیلی عالی بود برنامه هاتون نمرش ۲۰ Works great

I lovelovelove this app. It is fast, easy to use, and i continue to be thrilled with it's performance! Omg

This helped clean out all five of my viruses that were going to harm my SIMS card Great!

Just installed. Will return for more review after I've used it for a while. Downloaded very nicely Pretty good

Please add an option like "Bypass app" under the settings where the selected apps will ignore vpn connection while vppn is running.It will be very useful...Otherwise app is pretty good...But in next update please add the feature. Enjoy it!

سلام عالی بود شانسی نصب کردم خیلی خوب است Highly Recommend.

Useful, does what it says with lots of additional features. BUT as so many times: To enjoy its full potential without ads and ALL the features it offers, you have to purchase the full version - and you are ALWAYS reminded about that. Therefore only 4 stars. Cool

lots of notifications but so easy- im technologically retarded and i found it does exactly what it says and its legit simple! nice work guys! 5 star

This is one ranks amongst the best. Simplified, fast, and has a non-dull U.I. Keep up the great work devs! Amazing!

What the hell, this app is so AWESOME!!!!! I can get free mobile data or internet by just tapping connect! You guys did a most useful app ever! Now i dont have to reload or subscribed on my internet plan! Thanks, keep this work guys. Love you!!!! 1000 out of 10 Perfect

This is a very good VPN app....!! It's easy to use and it's very effective and it's free I strongly recommend it...!! Just make sure that you keep the app up to date...!! Then you should be fine....!! Must have

This app has saved my phone many times before and still continues to do just that. You should get this app to protect everything you have on yor phone Amazing!

I just downloaded this app, 4 stars for now. Hopefully it will earn 5 stars. Will see? Works great

I see what people say! Constant adverts. Also I need this to be able to connect to a denied access open hotspot.... But needs to connect before I can activate the app tricks? Also I am uninstalling as it eats lots of extra data!!! ...on other probs maybe my lack of understanding, but eating data... NO!!!!! Works perfectly

I love the Hi Cut Security and VPN, it's easy to use and helps block unwanted calls Well done!!

Superb app!! Its protecting our phone from unusually server's,, no body can tract ur I.P. address Great!

更新过后提示大陆地区不能用的话就把手机语言改成英语就好了,亲测可用 Muito bom!

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