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Umm OK.. Its a decent app, don't think I should have had to pay for it and some of the icons you pick shows up completely different on the text screen. Overall though at least I can now play with some emoticons during my game chat. Good

Premium version... Sucks you have to pay for the full version I'll just download a different app with all of them...

I paid for the app, but It's not intuitive. It won't include certain words in the dictionary. There's definitely a filter on it that I can't get turned off. Love the icons, but not being able to use anything related to s*x or cursing, f*ck, etc. Is irritating as hell. In my business communications with readers, these type of words are standard. Please add a way to shut off the foul language filter that's currently in place Fantastic

Why pay It wouldn't work till I paid for the pro version...but happy with how it works so far love it

Um The Emojis ard just adorable (great job on that) but whenever I type them it's just a line. Here, lemme type one in. / There it is. That little slash. But they are just TOO CUTE EMOJIS! Great job

This app claims to be free, but all the 'good' and cool emoticons require payment...not my idea of free... love it

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