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Fun grinding game. A lot to do. Characters are interesting. Gotta be patient. Everything costs gold and it doesn't come fast enough. Game used to have a serious crashing issue. They've fixed that, now the biggest issue is the automated battles. There are a number of game automated battles and your characters will wander around the board aimlessly, rarely cast their power moves, and constantly walk straight into dangerous areas of the board. Leads to a lot of wasted energy that you either have to wait for regeneration or pay to keep playing. Great!

Great game, lots off cool characters..kinda hard to upgrade items & them, but given time. Still can improve..great job guys. One thing though..i want to unlock hades,the only way to do that is via heroes hunt. But i can't play hades's heroes hunt if i don't have hades. do you unlock him or other similar chars? Works great

It a nice I love that it can be played of line i hope you guys can add more heros that can be obtain in normal adventure And most off all has a superb support always there to hepl GOD BLESS DIVMOB Good

It is a very good game. Many type of heros, just instrol it then you know what good this game is. Muito bom!

I think this Game is Fantastic,all controls are Easy,VFX are terrific,just one query ,when do we Get to More heroes for combat Enjoy it!

Great game, lots off cool characters..kinda hard to upgrade items & them, but given time. Still can improve..great job guys Flawless

واقعا بازی قشنگیه من که عاشقش شدم فقط گیم پلی هاش یا بازیکناش کم است لطفا زیادش کنید.سپاس. Must have

i like the game thus far havent had any issuses with it either. Its keepimg me entertained at the moment which is what a phone game is for. Great job

Grafics are superb game is fantastic.but increase coins when we win a stage or decrease the upgrades cost.finally game is amazing zing zing Flawless

It is the best mobile game ever but please make some improvements I suggest you make daily spinning wheel that contains heroes or whatsoever and in the online thingy heroes must be manipulated or controlled, suggesting that make another pvp arena in the online. In adventure i suggest that make fighting heroes 5 for non-stop enjoyment and it is confusing that supports are not using their SPECIAL SKILL in the adventure mode? And getting hero fragments is very difficult so i suggest that make another game installed to heroes infinity maybe a dungeon game, endless mode, base defense and etc and the 3x free replays? Please disable it instead make it free in the elite mode because it makes the players very dissapointed because they'll keep on spenting many uneccesary resources and such please improve your app i fully support to those who made it thank you☺ wow lol

Absolutely addicted just wish it was easier / cheaper to get other heroes and stuff 5 star

Sadly it's a stamina based game. There is lots to do in the game but everything you do needs stamina and it takes to long to get stamina back. Would be more fun If not for stamina. wow lol

This game lags. It lags and freezes and even reboot my device. Optimization is awful for Asus Nexus 7(2012). Not bad

It slow down the the game after about 20 minutes of play it's Kool n fun but it needs more fixing it all so shut off by it self after the phone gets hot. love it

Controls may be a tad sluggish at times, bit the game is rather fun. I enjoy it. Marvelous

All right this is just straight up luck: When i finished the tutorial and went back to star code, i opened a premium chest. Guess what : 1st chest gives me 6 Star Horus Golden Blade! OP already but aside from that, the game is fun! Surprisingly

Why won't it give me keys how am I supposed to play then I wait 5 min,10min, even 20 min and it didn't give me keys what shall I do,but anyway game is great Awesome

I can say this is a dank game it has great graphics but there is a problem you can't see how many fragments you need for one hero to unlock them but over all the game is awesome. Worth it!

It is a game that I really do like and it really does have something going for it Surprisingly

I cant believe that the developer is Vietnam. I wish the best luck to you and the game. By the way, the game is really nice. 5 stars Perfect!

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