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اللعبة جيدة وممتعة وتستحق التجربة ، تتميز بجرافيكس كارتوني مميز وأبطال كثيرين وأطوار متعددة ولكن كنت أتمنى فيزيائية حركة أجسام الأبطال أفضل مما موجود في اللعبة . Enjoy it!

I love this game,and very hard game and hard to get beautiful game that's all thank you Go well

Music and atmosphere of game good. Something about the gane reminds me of megaman x 4. Maybe its the nostalgia but i like the game. Just wow

The character is invinsible on my phone,all the character is invinsible on health bar is showing up Fabulous!

Pretty decent effort, similar concept to a few out there already but with a tech mythical sort of twist love it

I love the game but I bought Thor thinking he would have the stats that it said he has straight away...I was so wrong Amazing!

Great... . Playing for 27 days but the login reward back to 1st day.. Fix it, please. Thx Fabulous!

It's really slow my net is fast as and this game is slow as enemies spawn in behind me all the time. It's so hard to advance ur characters 2 the next level 30 tokens per character which is hard because they hardly drop Marvelous

Me facina el Juego pero me mustatia mucho mas que nos serpararan por servidores por que estoy donde unos ya llevan casi un año y no se les puede ganar y ademàs que al escoger el idioma español salga todo por que solo hay partes que si partes que no igual me encanta el juego y si pueden traten de mejorar lo que e dicho gracias... Works perfectly

Really like the game and gameplay..only problem is my hero randomly turns an attacks thin air when manually or auto controlled...Also the levelling up of the gear is just too much an ruins the game...i get the fusion an all that but levelling up GEAR jus to upgrade is pointless Enjoy it!

Great game, although after the patch i notice the ranged heroes start to "charge forward" at the start of arena matches...which is disappointing given i have spent $ to buy ranged to play a ranged strategy. Now they all move forward to be killed by melee...appreciate a look into this pls wow lol

Lost 3 days progress all shards, money hero lvl, drops, passive skill fragments all gone that I collected in these 3 days , maybe fix it???? Works perfectly

Great game offline game when I go to other server then I come back I used server my progress is gone pls fix 5 star

خوبه ولی نمیشه مرحله های بعدی و رفت ،کسی میدونه چجوری مرحله ها رو باز کرد Not bad

I normaly will give full star.Yhe super boss meteor is too good you need to update it to be not that good.pls i will support you if you do this. Enjoy it!

The game deisbg needs a little rework as the player of the Ahmed can easily cut though the game in a few minutes .... Good

One of a kind I loved the concept gameplay and graphics more heroes will be good enough... Keep doing the good work gamers Highly Recommend.

Do NOT waste your gems summoning units. The weak units are there. The strong units are purchased with real money. Also, units are not the big deal. Seen a lvl 8 unit with maxed out gear that wiped my guild team out in seconds. This is a P2W now or play for years to get to the point that you would be in a few weeks if you spent money. I played a little over 30 days and seen player numbers drop like a rock. Probably why I was playing on server "54" as they start new servers often for the players that buy their top spots. Muito bom!

It is a very good game. But when I play heard mode in normal campen it hanging some time. Please try to improve this. Amazing!

U kno it is a fun game and all and well nice touch to it but it glitches to much but still and good game Go well

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