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Awesome game but the new update of graphics was not implement on my account even i will done all new update Flawless

Is a pretty good game other than the levels being too short I give it five stars just because I like the gameplay lol 5 star

Love the game i wish we could get lil more daily rewards lil easier but still overall awsome game. Amazing!

When i first started to play this game i was in love. Because i love RPG and this game i felt was awesome. Unfortunately... No one wants to take responsibility for current issues in the game... Like the mishaps with the severs... Timing out... Banned for days for no reason with app... Achievements lost with no appologies... No reimbursement only partial... It sucks cause they there's a problem and they wont fix it... The aggrevation increases the more you play because they wont fix anything it keeps happening... Superb!

Great game! Easy to control Always love to play online and offline game... Great job!!! Great!

What's with the combo gauge? Higher combo should do more dmg (Example 20 hit combo with an extra 8% dmg, 30 hit combo with 16% dmg and so on.) Over rating I give it a 1.25 star for the game. Fantastic

Nice graphics, active server, great game. Congrats... I also recommend this game to my friends and relatives. Cheers ;) Fantastic

Fun game. Definitely a grind unless you are interested in paying for upgrades. Enough varied content, though, to keep you somewhat interested jumping from one thing to the next while you wait for expired keys to regenerate. A long haul if you don't want to pay, though. Don't expect to get too far until at least a few solid months of daily grinding. Just wow

After i updated the latest version, it can't be played(normal,elite, and arena mode), please fix it soon. Thank's Works great

need a changelog to keep the update in mind. dev changed the reflection damage rate to 5 % from 10% without notice and compensation. most of people roll the bonus stat of equipment using diamond to get 10% reflection but changed without any notice Awesome

By far one of the best I've played and will continue to play for at least a month Enjoy it!

You guys need to increase the intelligence of auto play big time when a team can beat the party boss but fails because the dam characters dont use their moves is super frustrating Amazing!

Eh... Like most games now a days it steals some of older games concepts and ideas. Not only that its a super grind... Either pay money or take forever to get strong. If it wasnt so much of a grind it would be better... But not worth it as is so ill leave it at that and uninstall Pretty good

Not a bad game. Just make it impossible to do anything withput spending rl money real quick. So if you don't wanna spend money on a free game just keep moving on Fabulous!

Love it just wish summons were better dropped some money and did a few 10 summons and only got 10 ess for a trash hero I call b.s. on that. Otherwise you're supposed to get a hero every 10 I was robbed this game will not get another dollar from me. I strongly advise not to put money in it til they fix it. Otherwise a great game. I'm just aggravated f2p are getting better summons 5 star

Lagging when im using a skill, if i reduce the graphics to low its still lagging, please fix it, i like this game 5 star

i dont usually keep the games for points in other games but this one is good! Superb!

They should add manual option in online battle and should give Dracula for Free as a gift for playing the game for 1 month and should also lessen the cost of Halloween costume Surprisingly

Its nice game but its useless without ranked or level because we don't see our improvement or experience so please make it then it will be superb.. And if we can buy Heros freely Amazing!

Awesome game & i am wait for new update which tell us the source of some new heroes like artemis and how to unclock it Marvelous

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