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This game is awesome & awesome to all heroes and i want to upgrade this game show a new version Thank you By Devil Cool

Wish you could fuse monsters to enhance abilities and mutate their image kinda like social empires where u have a soul mixer that would be really wicked thanks to the creators of the game plz add some new stuff for more powerful creatures Perfect

This is a fun game,... You make it too hard to get certain heros like freya. I have been looking for her since i download this abput 6 months ago. Nothing. You wont even put her in the 5 dollars buy section. Totally bogus Perfect!

beautiful game... easy to learn... BUT.. VERY fast paced in combat. no speed control. no turn based. VERY difficult to control multiple heros on screen. characters run and fight through levels automatically. frustrating and boring. can't recommend to anyone. Works perfectly

Overall game is ok but to get a new character is pretty hard. You either have to fight, pay or wait and i got no patience. 5 star

I love this game very much this game is very fun game to play and I can get new people and weapons and gears Great!

Hey divmob, i have little suggestion for you. Please make osiris sky punch landing at the same place so he will have nice combo with he's ultimate skill Works perfectly

Really like this game only issue ive noticed is that when ya recieve rewards from defeating or when a boss is defeated you have to wait a day or even three to four days to recieve no matter how many times you email them.prob with this is you start anew boss or bosses and ya allways loose on or two because they cant keep up with rewards hope they solve this. Great!

I love the way the characters are designed. The game runs smooth and keeps me entertained every time I play. Marvelous

The controls need lil work and the menus need a slight adjustment here and there, but other then that Enjoy it!

I love this game ao much but in new update my game crashes before start a match please fix it soon Not bad

My account problem error server 403, Cannot connect to server! PLEASE help me, thanks Great!

Very good game, plays smoothly offline for 24 hrs , just not able to register under my username at this time. Well done!!

This is a great game. You can even play offline. And have all the Greek goddess. Fantastic

Awesome game, while another great game stuck in higher version of android to install this's amazing, and we can play it offline too. On way to upgrading my hero into level 120 now since play this two day ago. Nice work dev. Omg

This is the right game in play store truely deserves 5 star plus it can play offline, thanks developer... Works great

Should have rated this 5 but its so hard to acquire heroes and theres no coupons Pretty good

Awesome game, deserves 5 star, I was wondering if you could maybe make it not as get 3 stars cause Percy AKA persus is my favorite but I can't buy him Great!

This game is great for me, good graphic and performance, i love it, keep it update. Worth a go!

It is nice game but more RPG,Hero and villan can be added to make it more interesting Fabulous!

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