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Absolutely perfect. Love the graphics and skills. The many ways to obtain items for upgrading hereos, campaign etc. And there's even pvp! Not to mention an offline mode. I enjoy the game very much, great job! Good

Could be better, all takes too long to upgrade and the items needed are way to expensive Perfect


Fun, addicting game, loads of stuff to do. Pleasing graphics, fluid animations, real eye-candy! Nothing innovative, as far as I've seen, in gameplay, just solid implantation of tried and tested mechanics. love it

Everything is perfect..always have an update and new heroes.What is important that always give us,player an easy gameplay and understanding with great graphic and control Worth it!

بازی خوبیه ولی همش ارور میده فقط تاموقعی که اون ۹۵ سکه داره میشه بازی کرد بعدش که تمام میشه مجبوریم بازی پاک کنم Amazing!

Better work on character movement in next update because it looks odd how they move.. Awesome

Beautiful graphics, intuitive, immersive gameplay and the ability to communicate and interact with other players are just a few of the many incentives held within- come build a team! Worth it!

the price of monkey king is 100 US DOLLARS, u give 70% discount but still 30 USD, r u kidding me, its too expensive , for 10 USD is okay but that price is way too much Works great

God damit!!!!why always stuck at loading screen and fucking crash everytime i wanna play!!!been a week now with this shit!!! Cool

خوبه ولی کاش زبان فارسی رو هم ساپورت میکردید. Fantastic

Update: Tech support, Still a grate game. A 5 star However, As of recent, the game has started to FAULTY RECORD winnings and earnings When it comes to staring up, tiering up, material collections for heroes collected, it has even removed a new hero collected, and several levels achieved...??? I'm not trying to say it's a cheat, but it sure is beginning to seem that way... Pay to win.... STILL, I believe it's the best game out, on and off line, "technical glitches" can always be worked out, that's what "I choose" to believe. Please reply. Thanks. Oh, I am now able to access BAG of materials, what ever you have done?... THANKS it works great. Fantastic

Thanks for fix loading problem and super boss super rare Perseus I play this game 2 moths but not get a Santa Claus why Muito bom!

Amazing, so much fun and the new heroes are getting more interesting each time. I'm being really picky about this but Aphrodite is spelled with one "p" not two. Is this intentional or is it the hero's designated name? Keep up the great work! Cool

???????..... Hello. System operator? Update: Feb 5th 2018. Tech support: 1st? REALLY GREAT GAME. Problem is that I have a "BAG" FULL of "rank up material", and cannot gain access to use them. ???? A little help out please. A manual or something please. Superb!

Update: Feb 5th 2018. Tech support: 1st? REALLY GREAT GAME. Problem is that I have a "BAG" FULL of "rank up material", and cannot gain access to use them. ???? A little help out please. A manual or something please. Great job

Love the game & support is great They check for hackers & ban them without hesitation They reply fast to mail & explain thing to work out your problem Awesome

Really like this game only issue ive noticed is that when ya recieve rewards from defeating or when a boss is defeated you have to wait a day or even three to four days to recieve no matter how many times you email them.prob with this is you start anew boss or bosses and ya allways loose on or two because they cant keep up with rewards hope they solve this.has been over year they still havent spead up our rewards by email for boss defeats plz solve this issue plz awsome game so far though Fabulous!

It is good game but hard to collect hero's . please make easy way to collect hero's Cool

Getting tired of playing offline and then losing my progress when I get back online. Good

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