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Each time I open a box u just turns black and it stays like that hope you update it soon so I can play again but until then I will have to uninstall the game Superb!

One of the best game ive ever played you can play it offline or online plus gameplay is so amazing thank you so much divmob for making this game. I liked it how you can play it offline and online and Good Job!!! Marvelous

Very addicted game! I've been in a lot of disappointments because of some games I played, but this one is much better and addicting. This game is cool ! Great job

Awesome game. But i don't know why i can't log in this game. Every time failed show Cool

All I got to say about this game it's slow it's so slow to the point that I just quit plan after 10 minutes of playing that it's the same thing over Hanover all you do is walk slow hit enemies even slower in continual is very pointless the developing team need to scrap this game and rebuild it put a better engine to it and learn what games are truly about specially for mobile devices because this game sucks I want to be positive about it at least the design looks cool but the mechanic absolutely sucks Surprisingly

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