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A very promising game in the future. DEV Add more heroes and items like other than greece folklore. Rpg like effects like Elementals..rock paper scissors kind to make team switching plays part. Improve the graphics. Improve the locomotors like Jumping and blocking. Add events. Add more balance for pvp Well done!!

Heroes are too hard to get and you want us to lvl up our heroes?, your mission is ridiculous always stuck at combo, items also hard to drop, and most importantly your AUTO gameplay is sucks. I even lose easily if auto battle was chosen especially when in ARENA. The other feature is well done. Just fix the damn thing Cool

This game need a lot of patience to get a heroes.U can pay to get heroes or u can wait 10 days to get heroes on the chest it not so bad there is also daily reward it give u gem,gold 4star5star n 6star even hero.Btw Divmob good job for this new game i hope there is more hero on other update Perfect!

Ihave some trouble of playing this game like its lagging at the middle of the game and opening this game.please give it an update.thanks but i love this game Fantastic

Great game it's super cool it's such a small app and you can play it offline what more can you ask from a game that's why I'm rating 5 Great!

Each level seems too short. As a result it's not very satisfying. Especially for a brawler genre game. Must have

Great job devs, i see a bright future in this game. Still need a few imorovement like the smoothness in control and skill delaying. Overall its a good game Fantastic

I see great things for the future of the game! Just as long as the devs listen to the players ideas! I for one would love to see a community forum established as well as the guild mode, more servers that get content updates separately from each other. And I would really love a VIP rewards system in place. Us players that are here from the beginning deserve rewards to help progress like craft meterials and keys Surprisingly

Sorry i forgot to change my comment /-_-" i can play now ^_^ And guess whay.. I have a blast playing it ! It was fun ^_^ i did not realise that i spend 5 hours playing this game. There was lots to do. You can get power ful items through crafting and lots of in game currency through factory,club for free ! You just need time and patience to get. What i dislike is the A.I when you auto oh my.. it just stay still then when it see an enemy it cast it skills but the enemy is far away but the A.I on the enemy side is so goof that it chases you and cast there skills when your close to them.. and the hercules hero his 2nd skill say that it hits enemies contantly but the damage is only done when the hammer stop spinning and explode. This game was something similar to other games that constantly releases on in playstore the playstyle the things to do but The thing that this game stands on other games similar to this was.. This game can be PLAYED OFFLINE yesh xD at last my dream comes true and the game it is challenging lol you need to micro move attack on campaign because the enemy hurt so much but still you can defest them and this is not paytowin ^_^ please stick to that.. Overall superb game highly addicting dont hesitate to download this :3 and and can you add skins/customization ^_^ and a feature like evolution that completely changes the units appearance and a skill that is new and powerful :0 Works great

Joystick control is rough and the game crashes almost all the time. I love the game play and the music. Hope an update is in the near future for the crashing. Not bad

I was having trouble getting the game to play, but my problems have been solved somehow. Very nice looking game, with responsive controls. Thanks to the devs for responding quickly to my concerns, even though the problems I had resolved themselves without any action being required. Marvelous

It's very addicting but when I consumed all those life thingy as of now I can't play Worth it!

Not a bad game. I like that it's a little different and the fact they throw in Greek mythology Perfect!

Joystick is a bit wonky, game crashes after watching an ad but the game itself is pretty fabulous. Highly Recommend.

Great game , almost perfect ! Needs fixes in the gameplay lags too much when there is alot of poweres bieng used at once Enjoy it!

Not bad for a new release game. Smooth. For those who can't play, change your device lol Amazing!

The gameplay is quite interesting with a good graphic, but the interface and all are quite confusing and need some upgrade. The tutorial seems fly all over the place. The movement of the Character need to be smoother. But over all is a must try game. love it

This game is fun, has good graphics, and great controlls. I just wish it was easier to get heroes. Ive been plying for 4 days and i only have 3. Mabye i haven found something yet but i cant get any. Thx for the game. Marvelous

Its a good game .. I liked its graphics and gameplay. Guild should be added soon . Gift codes should be released.. Fantastic

Its a very good game . As a offline game its great!!!! Everyone like me should love this game . Brilliant

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