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Update: To DIVMOB.......2 THUMBS UP. THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE. .. Update: March 27, 2018 Game still rated as a 5, excellent game. However fighting in guild and in other arenas is b.s., 8 to 17 hr waits to get characters back, and always being pitted against far higher rated opponents each and every battle is a waste of time, lose lose. LITERALLY. It's taking way too long to get upgrades. It is still a great game, but forcing me to fall into the bracket of pay to win, is becoming lack luster. Superb!

# this game is awesome to awesome and very very very very very very thanx thanx thanx for making this game and # I request you that more #herose upgrade like a #HULK and upgrade to #Adventure Mode thank you Just wow

Why is Midas a 4 star "hero",while chief gods like zeus is only a 3 star?And why choose any of those losers when we have had our own HEROES here on Earth.Heroes like Diomedes who bested and nearly killed ares,the olympian god of war.I personally would have chosen Hyperion,Iapetus,Atlas,Typhon,Anat,Ereskigal,Kali,etc,over any nordic or olympian gods,which in my opinion are overrated and will be losers at Ragnarok.The game has merit;it's a solid 4 stars,with it's main weakness being the story or rather those over glorified gods as the heroes. Great!

It Best game ever they respond you very fast if you have any problems 5 star it really small thing for you Enjoy it!

Say Tech Support, SENT TWO MESSAGES IN BOX. WITH NO RESPONSE. I just LOST PROGRESS on the entire box of 3rd GEAR'S ITEMS, IT WAS FULL!, I ALSO LOST PROGRESS MADE ON STARING UP RAJIN. IT TOOK ALL DAY FRIGGIN TO GET!. GONE.! PLEASE FIX! MAH. Best game. Tech support listens, even if they do not respond. .. 5 stars... Works great



Pretty good


Game still the same. People with very low ranking can beat people with twice their strength. Great!


Hi, i already acquired isis thru offline mode and upgraded to max already. I consume playing for a day to upgrade it, when i was online, i was back to acquiring isis, the used up gears and gold were not returned, can you fix this? I love the game so much before i will decide to...... Pretty good

Enjoy it!


5 star

wow lol

wow lol

Looking forward for heroes can buy using gems because almost of heroes can buy using real money. Must have

Not bad

Go well

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