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Good game, only problem I run in to is ranked. I can play every other game mode no problem, soon as I do ranked I lag so bad it's impossible to play. I turned my graphics down, even checked my connection, to no avail. Please fix and then I'll rate five stars. Andantalus 2018/03/28 14:17:48 Recommend

It's a really good game and very addictive. My only complaint is that whenever I try accepting someones friend request it disappears so I'm unable to add anyone Works perfectly

Game is still very much performance heavy. Even at lowest settings, game is still lagging. And please fix the server, even when internet connection is fast and steady, the wifi signal keeps appearing during hero selection, and because of this sometimes we can't even choose hero. Game is also a bit fast paced, no time to experience or enjoy the game properly. Amazing!

just love this game. players don't need to understand about meta build. lots of hero combination possible. and last, kinda strong punishment for afk players disconnected a bit then minus 5 from 100, i like it. Superb!

Great graphic n heroes r also cheap as compare to other similar games. But it takes forever in matchmaking in rank. And even if some players got afk you don't take necessary actions against them. When u play rank it suddenly started to lag in other rather than its work perfectly.. Fix this or else u gonna lose more rating. love it

When playing a regular match, the game runs smoothly. But, when playing ranked match, the game often runs laggy. Even the ping reached 450ms. Especially when playing with players from Ch**a, the games surely will laggy. Please fix this issues. Based on my experience, when the game runs laggy, in the end, there is always an option to save the video of the match. Maybe this is what makes the game laggy. Is there any way to play without stream the video of the match? My ID 13780753 My last match is on 2018/03/26 at 16:00 Works perfectly

I'm little dissapointed, because this game is just like combination of other MOBA games out there, i didn't See the 'unique' of this game. But this game have a potential to be a very good MOBA game. With some improvements and make your 'unique'. Thanks Works perfectly

i would have rated this as all 5 stars if the emoji was working, for some reason it just stops working for both games in my tablet nd in my phone .. so cn u fix it? Muito bom!

This is a great moba. You can get mvp with low level heroes if you play good. You can even get MVP with support hero's when you heal teammates really good. Premium heroes are very strong but very expensive. But hey, these guys deserve their money from those who are willing to spend for a head start. Overall, this game doesn't reinvent the genre, but it does the mobile moba thing very well. Marvelous

I worked more than 5 years on gamification factors and mobile's game Let's start with Strengths: High quality game play, amazing character design, interesting environment design and really cool heroes. But the weaknesses: Not only the speaker voice is not interesting, but also the battleground musics are too weak! Try to add some epic music, players need more excitement when play MOBA! I played with Mobile Legends (LOL) and one of their pros was the music, voice etc. I hope work on this point and make this cool game more better Finally I have a BIG question: I checked more than 50 players name and info, it seems approximately all of them are BOTs and their predictable reactions in battleground approve my idea Superb!

The biggest problm im facing from begining is the ranked play...the rank play never just searches for a long time and stops...second i am not able to play with friends..only playing classic and arena solo..fix these probs then ill reinstall it..otherwise its out of my phone love it

I would give 5 stars but only problem is that match making is very bad. So many bots. Especially in royal battle. Fix it and than its guaranteed 5 stars Perfect

Game is awesome but there's no where to enter invite codes and the two friends I've invited I didn't get my rewards for. Cool

This game is perfect except for two issues. First, when I play ranked match the ping gets so high and it gets lag, but when I play other modes it's working well. Second are the controls. There are instances every game that my joystick randomly makes my hero move without my control. Please fix this and this game will be perfect. Well done!!

It's a pretty good moba. I don't rly write reviews. I'm only giving 4 stars, because I just started 15 matches in ranked and i. At 100% win starting to think were playing with already ranked gold. Add opath if u wanna team up Worth a go!

1. Still laggy when the scene is crowded 2. Stop matching us with AI/bot in Matched play , Fast Game , Battle Royale , those are supposed to be vs players , that makes me suspicious maybe in ranked there are AI too because some didn't respond team chat . Worth it!

I do really enjoy this game, although I can't get the full experience of the game because of the steep prices of diamonds. The most expensive hero is 2888 (diamond) and the highest amount of diamond you can purchase is 2000 for 139 dollars. This makes it feel very limiting since I won't spend that much on a game. I'd spend 10 bucks for a hero, but for close to 200 dollars, no way. Awesome

10/10 will continue playing.. hope player base continues to grow. Solid standard moba with practice and ranked with the addition of 1 lane 5v5. Easy enough to grind gold. Crappy 7000/week cap is the only negtive ive seen Just wow

I really do like this game. However, I stopped playing because my old phone broke, but now I can't access my old account. love it

I've been playing this game now for a few months now, I noticed that it really is a great game when I started playing but as time goes by it because a bit off and dull. The rank is like playing with bots, too easy. And on the bots mode, that's easy for ya? It's so effing hard. I really have a theory that the rank is against bots and the bots are the rank. Y'get what I'm saying? No? Okay. Pretty good

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