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This is the best navigation app out there in my opinion and I have tried scores of them. It is not the prettiest but the actual routing is generally the best...I shaved between 40 and 44km of of a trip around Odessa when compared with a few other apps. Developers...please give us lane assist/guidance and I will consider this perfect for my needs. Works great

Since Google Maps doesn't offer the service in my country I mainly use Here Maps for voice navigation, and it's a life saver. Works great

This is the best navigation app. It's clear in giving directions. I typically use the offline map GPS function to save data. I used this app twice on roadtrips from MA to TX and vice versa. It never disappointed. It's definitely better than Google Maps. I needed to reinstall the app now after updating my maps, because it wouldn't start anymore. Hope it'll do it's job again now after the re-installation. love it

App is great for offline and speed cameras. But honestly need to pick up on road works. Cos I am send in the road works areas all the time and when I go away app takes another way to bring me right back to same construction road work. Works great

Not good for finding the best bus routes, sometimes doesn't give you the best or fastest way to reach your destination (you can not trust all route suggestions, sometimes they are really ridiculous), and sometimes it can not find some bus routes (that might be the best!). And I have experienced that sometimes it doesn't work if offline. Omg

I have used this app both in the US and internationally with great results. If reception isn't good enough to mark your position, the app will zoom in far enough to find even alley names so you're never lost Brilliant

hello, its a realy great app with smooth functioning, the only thing i noticed is that there is no photos or videos available for any point of interest, like example if am searching for a hotel i can only see the details of the hotel but there is no photos available to see how it actually is. would be realy great if we have the option of adding and viewing the pics/videos Pretty good

Update 20th March: The app's still broken. Restarts multiple times during navigation, making the whole experience futile. Crashes multiple times when searching for any place other than the vicinity gps location. Update 2nd Feb: The last update again broke the app. Crashes in a few moments Go well

Always dependable. Thank you! Is there an option for setting up when to update downloaded maps? That would be awesome. Worth a go!

Best visual interface I've seen in map apps, no bloat and just enough info. I'd give it 5 stars if it spoke street names. Settings give me a blank screen on Android auto otherwise very stable Amazing!

Great app and use it as my preferred app for getting around! Only problem a ran into at the moment is I cannot save to my external card, but it doesn't limit the use, will have to look into what the cause of this problem is. Enjoy it!

Well built app but in London it put me to do a left turn on a "No entry!" which costed me 65 quid but I should not fully rely on the app, i should also check the road signs. Must have

This was built for Nokia Windows 8.1 phones. Androiders are lucky to get it. Excellent navigation in Australia, though there are a few hiccups in Malaysia. Keep the service going and update when needed. We are willing to pay a contribution. Brilliant

Currently using it Ireland March 2018. I am using it in airplane mode on a Samsung Galaxy S8. GPS works great and has not let me down driving all over the Country. I downloaded the app and the Ireland map before my trip and I am happy I did. Voice directions are accurate and even has an alert for when you are over the speed limit. Flawless

This map is just awesome, i have been using this for a long long time, but there is a problem which the developer failed to address over the years. The problem is the destination, when you approach it, the navigation shows the shortest way to destination and not to the right street name. Please fix this to make it a flawless experience... Marvelous

From my experience gmaps beats this in pinpoint accuracy. And end address realiblity multiple times this map send me to the wrong address. Improve on this 2 points and u will compete with gmaps. Good

Cant find places like google so is safer to input addres directy, but is way better wile driving Recommend

So much better than Maps. But it needs the option to choose HERE as default navigator. Or at least it's own voice search widget! Just press and hold the HERE widget and say "take me home." The in-app typing to search for destination is the only downfall, especially while driving. thank you for the great app overall! Please add voice control widget Awesome

++ I can't title/rename favorites items in a collection, in app or on web but used to be able in Windows Phone. ++ What happened to Nearby? The big category icons for Restaurants, Fuel, etc.? ++ This app needs an overhaul, it's just kind of clunky and slow compared to Google Maps. Just wow

Works well but doesn't always work offline. Couldn't find a route until I allowed roaming data, even when offline map was installed and selected. Would have been impossible to use if I didn't have data. Definitely not reliable as an offline map. Frustrating and expensive. Will be uninstalling and finding an offline alternative. Recommend

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