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This app was an amazing idea on the producers side. This is absolutely the best way to improve grammar and spelling, by having a native speaker read and correct your work. I recommend this to anyone learning a new language! Not bad

HT in getting heavier and heavier taking most of the mobile's ram. To run the App smoothly needs a good mobile with at least 6gb of memory ram. Marvelous

I'm still getting used to using the App though have been using it off and on for about 1 month. It allows you to connect with people from various parts of the world and exchange experiences, improve your language with a native person of mixed ages and backgrounds. I think it's good Superb!

I've only used this for a little time but can already say it is useful enough to try out at least. Can't tell if this is the best app for language learning - may be. Marvelous

I like this app, I think it's perfect for language exchange. It still have a few bugs and it's a bit laggy sometimes, but I appreciate the fact that I can connect with language learners across the globe more than it's misbehavior bothers me. Keep it up, devs! You're doing great! Must have

An excellent way of learning a language, meeting the people of the culture you're interested in. Personally I've been learning Japanese, and met a few friends via text and video-chat with mutual interests in learning English. It's been fun, and nice to know I have a few friends in Japan should I take the trip. Great app! Great job

I like the app my only concern is that people use it as a dating site and I have received some very inappropriate questions Go well

I love the app but the message notifies late! Someone message me then i saw it on my notifications. I open the app and the message was sent 30mins ago... Just wow

Really really good app. Love that you can talk to all kinds of different people from many different nationalities. Only complaint is the notification options doesn't allow you to turn on a sound when someone sends you a message. So it's easy to miss a message someone sends you. Which is frustrating when there's only a certain time you can talk due to different time zones and you miss it because you didn't know they sent you a message. Not bad

Ustedes deberían hacer que cuando una persona haga una corrección, explique el porqué de ello. Personalmente yo no aprendo mucho con solo correcciones. Cuando cometes un error en la gramática muchas personas hacen correcciones diferentes y me confunden. Yo quisiera que sea obligatorio escribir el porqué de la corrección. Para evitar el spam de correcciones y confusiones al aprender. Por favor tomen eso en cuenta. Awesome

Please add external sharing to OneNote/Evernote etc and other similar apps. There is a big need to organize the saved learning material and study notes in a separate app for further reference and revision. Messages, voice clips, images, both from the private/group chats and Moments posts. The existing built-in Notepad (can be used as an exercise book) and Favorites (can be used as a textbook) are good but cannot be used side by side, and require lots of actions to toggle between them. Worth it!

I really love it. Not many apps are as helpful as this one. I do know I'll be using it much much more Works great

Very good for practicing your foreign languages! The apps functions very well. I love it! Recommend

I like this app but It needs a few features like there is no option to upload a short video on the timeline if you can update it so it will be much better for the users. Cool

Great way of learning texts in mandarin. Getting pinyin and spoken readings for characters is such a key feature and they nailed it. I love the correction tool too! 谢谢 thank you! Highly Recommend.

Very good only bad thing is most people ignore your texts you just got to look until you find a friend Worth a go!

This apps help me to learn languages. I also can meet a lot of new friends from another country Not bad

Please make sure men do not harass women two men kept harassing me for my phone number and pictures of me and kept asking if I had any social media. PLEASE make sure that there is no more harassment. Thank you Must have

I've had this app for a long time and I have made many friends overseas and have learned a lot about their cultures and languages. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a language-practice partner or a cultural interest.! Good

I love this app! I saw the Anime Man being sponsored by hellotalk and I decided to check it out and I'm loving it so far! There's heaps of options and I think it's very fair the amount of translations you get a day :) I highly recommend! Superb!

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