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Very nice app contains all types of food items i.e sweets, vegetables resto style , Jain food, cakes mocktails , ice-creams etc.. all most all. Good well-done to hebbers. Please add some more restaurant style vegetables for Jain that is no onion no garlic no potato recipe. Anyways a big thanks to you.. very happy with this app. 5 star

This was the best cooking app I had found but after updating this app it's not opening at all.. disappointed with this.. try to respond what I can do about this Surprisingly

This is very most superb app use for delicious and tasty new receips. Very useful easy to cook more food. I love this hebbars kitchen Brilliant

I love your channel and your recepies till the core of my heart !!! Worth a go!

It would be better if we are able to save online to locate our favourite recipes. When we change to another phone, all the recipes are lost. Not bad

The greatness of this app is it's simplicity in helping us do the complex dishes in the most understanding way Worth a go!

Easy way of learning new part is showing step by step preparation... simple and tasty....loved it.. wow lol

For a perfect vegetarian style cooking, I HIGHLY recommend this app. Each dish is made so effortlessly easy to make and it inspires you to try more recipies. Well done!!

An excellent companion for all those kitchen needs, especially for Vegetarians. I love it. Highly Recommend.

Brilliant app with excellent recipes. Have never failed with a dish after following recipes from Hebbars. Flawless

Very nice & practical recipes. The videos are beautifully done. Keep it up!!! Omg

Nice app the most amazing thing is it makes difficult dishes in easiest way possible Recommend

This app is amazing for everyday cooking. All recepies are easy n fast. I love it. It really is helpful. Just wow

The app has all type of food recipe.. It helps me so good that I prepared some of the tasty foods with the help of this app..i would suggest this app for everyone it Superb!

Receipies are explained in most simplest way and the videos help ppl like me to try out dishes.. Kudos..this is a lifesaver app for me love it

Wow.... amazing app.... I love cooking & it's my passion too... This will help me lot... Works great

I love the recipes and very helpful , easy to cook .liked it very much Thank uhebbars kitchen hats off to u Works perfectly

This app has many recipes n that r very easy i tried many recipes they were awesome n easy way of learning . Omg

Fantabulous for those who wanna eat yummy food with not much efforts! Quick and nice recipes... Go well

This is the Most Amazing & Easy way of learning new recipes. Just wow

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