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The aesthetics and gameplay are good, as expected from the dev. As nitpick it's inconvenient the game doesn't show the maximum ice moves allowed for flame sign (par). Highly Recommend.

1/5 It breaks the laws of physics. I was able to make a -276°C block. This is unacceptable! I rate it 1/5. Seriously now, it's a very good game, but it would be a cool easter egg if the blocks capped at -275°C. Omg

No archievements I like the game a lot, but i'm not getting archievements! I have all 9 lvls in Warm Up done with flames, but haven't received the GG archievement for it. Please check the issue. Otherwise the game is superb! Must have

Simple and fun Just extremely easy to learn the basics but the levels can get pretty challenging Muito bom!

Great little game. I love games that are simple to pick up, don't have paywalls, and are still challenging. Brilliant

Same but different from atomas Both the games are too good. Loved playing both of 'em. Heatos and atomas are a very good games. Its like learning while playing. Enjoy Awesome

Amazing game! Makes you 'want' to think! I am really enjoying the game so far and I will definitely encourage other people to download it too. Plus, it doesn't hog up all your space! A good deal over all:) Go well

Tough, but fun I'm currently stuck on a challenge and enjoy every second of it. This game takes time to figure out the puzzles, but is still simple enough to be fun. Fabulous!

Bug Found a bug in the game. When you simultaneously 2 blues to a red the game crashes. Worth it!

Great and fun game I wanted to append my previous rating. With the latest bug fix, the game works wonderfully, has some interesting puzzles, with some complicated solutions at a great difficulty slope. I really enjoyed the game so much, that I thought it was worth purchasing the in app content. New elements and new puzzles, this game is great, and perfect if you don't have a lot of data to download larger apps. Pretty good

Interesting game This game makes you use your brain to complete each level, especially the high level. Great job

Absolute zero? You can go below 274 °C, which is absolute zero, and it is impossible to go below absolute zero. love it

Excellent puzzle game Highly recommend to all lovers of puzzle games this has had me stumped already! Quite fun Muito bom!

Great and fun game, but annoying bug I find it extremely difficult to even attempt Rush Hour, or any level where rotating rush squares are used. The block doesnt change direction unless I happen to tap on a unusually small square in the centre, but it never accepts a tap as an input. The entire block should accept a touch response, currently, I need to randomly tap around it, multiple times to try and find the sweet spot. Terrible for in app purchased content.... Worth a go!

Fun... And frustrating It's a great way to pass the time and get your brain going. I just get frustrated easily at it. I'm here for the free flame! Enjoy it!

Great game. Small bug. I love the idea, but if you move 2 tiles into another at the same time it crashes it to your home screen. No other complaints, and you really shouldn't be doing that in the first place. 5 star

challenging very simple yet challenging game. this developer makes great, minimal games that are hard to put down. Cool

Title Started with atomas and it was really fun so I tried this one and it wasn't bad. Haven't put much time in it but great time killer Marvelous

Addiction I am addicted to this game... The problems are difficult but in the end they have a simple solution... I love it Pretty good

Interesting game. Not my type really, but it's well thought out and nicely polished. Certainly not bad by any means. Perfect

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