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Best hearts I've found. If only the computer played to win it would be the best wow lol

It plays the most competitive game of hearts of all the boardgames I have tried. Highly Recommend.

I wish I could change the computer characters. Get tired of seeing the same faces. Lol Fantastic

I've tried several Heart's apps. For the most part many levels are very clear that they are set up for you to lose. I started playing Heart's as a kid and I don't usually get the queen against me but in this app I've gotten stuck with it 28 percent of the time. Seems rigged. 5 star

Great Hearts game. I love that it auto finishes the game, the other Hearts games I have played do not do that. I wish you could change the faces of your opponents. I get tired of playing the same old faces, but it is still awesome. Works perfectly

Good but sometimes randomly bad hand one person that is not good.change the prograning Just wow

I enjoy the game of Hearts but, this game is very predictable. No change on this update. Brilliant

defiantly the best online hearts game. Just one thing I wish to request . The ratings should have no limit. None can score more than 100. How will it prove who is the best? Please do something. Waiting for your reply. anyway, love this game. Thank u Surprisingly

Love this game, the only suggestions I'd like the owners to do is allow users to place there names. It only allows it to state "You" Just wow

Great game. The only thing is that it is too easy to shoot the moon. Have not tried to play online as there are usually too many morons. Update: Hehe...I see that you are banning the online morons. Good job! Players complaining that the game is rigged because they loose... Omg

I really like this game. Just wish we could change partners. Same partners are boring. Recommend

unfortunately very addictive.because i am a student and this app is the worst thing that a student can face during studying process. the only negatibe point is the speed of other players movements. Great!

I like how the cards are organized and highlighted in my hand. The game runs smoothly and has no lag time between hands. Also I really like that it keeps count of points each person is getting during that hand. Amazing!

RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!! The maximum points is 100 but what developers do to keep you interested? They bring you down forcefully. From 100 points to 40 points in 1 week. Wow have I suddenly become such a bad player? Explain this to me? Why for the past 20+ games I have played I reach 70+ points while my opponents have none? Explain this to me? Why every hand I get middle cards that I can neither shoot the moon nor avoid her majesty? The way cards are dealt is totaly rigged its very obvious its not even funny. Find another way to keep player interested not forcing me to lose so that I fight to be top again. I give you one star for developing the game. love it

I used to love this game, but for some reason the past 9 times I played, I was either dealt the queen of spades but no chance to play her away or shoot the moon, OR the king and ace with only one other spades cards. Possibly just unlucky, but it's no longer fun when it feels the game is rigged. Maybe I'll return to the game at some other time, but for now I will delete and install another app. Thank you the enjoyable times in the past. Perfect

Very fun! I like how it highlights the cards you have to choose from to play and darkens out the ones you don't have to worry about considering. Pretty good

I love hearts, but the rating system for the app is flawed. People dont play to win they play to get rating points. Muito bom!

Request to build a card game named "Court Piece / Rung". Like your Spades & Hearts games, surely you will build the top level game and will b a hit. Thanks Superb!

It's good. But while passing the cards here the rule is different. Actually if somebody would pass the Spread Queen then he/she should give a supporting card of Spread below queen Not bad

Change the rating system based on points taken. Less quitters... Or punish the quitters. Omg

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