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Its a fun game i love it so bax it is fun and cool but...jk its fun love it Pretty good

Love it.My brother is a doctor today was his first operation in hospital he was looking for a app like this so he could know how to do the operation he completed the game in less than an hour. U should also try it.Its very good. Perfect!

This game was really helpful. Because I want to be a doctor this game is going to help me because I don't just want to be a doctor .I want to be a heart doctor so that's why it will help me . And it's a good game ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Well done!!

good but level are to short i finushed heart transplant there is the end of the game please help here Marvelous

one of the best theatre games. ...very cool..its just that the adverts are too much... Muito bom!

Disgustingly fun hard to unlock the fourth level but it is teaching me more doctor stuff . Superb!

At first it was nice but I can't unlock next level and the controls were not working properly too Great job

I think this game is good but some people says that ads comes always when starting the surgery. What you can do this is turn off your WiFi or internet so that ads doesn't comes as you know that ads comes from internet. Well good equipment s to save a man. For graphics you can add more colour texture to make it realistic. Brilliant

Nice game but unable to unlock next level. I tried my best to do it but I was unable to do it. Brilliant

Very interesting game level 3rd level compete remaining too levels very very interesting game knowledge game Heart Surgery We Emergency game One game Pretty good

Good game. Some of the controls are a little difficult, and sometimes I run out of time. Altogether, good fun. Recommend

It's a offline game and it's a task type game if we didn't save the patient the time is over then we are out i like this game now it's your turn play this game Perfect!

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood game this game for those child that Aim to became a Doctor Great job

I read all the comments and there wrong the game is not boring but sometimes the controls don't work Amazing!

Game is awsm but it contain many ads and I hate ads and also one thing it want more time to complete my levels Works perfectly

Pls give information about what instrument use nad whats its important this is good for knowledge Enjoy it!

It was OK but they timed you and it didn't even look like the pictures on the ad Worth a go!

Good luck with your job. I am looking for something like that. And Great!

Good game but how do u get the other levels unlocked cause i been clicking the video and nothing unlocks would love to move on Muito bom!

This game is okey. But what I heat about this game is the time put on to performe the surgery its so little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it!

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