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Love this game and how you can customize your cards and make a message and the videos are cool Perfect!

Overall a good game but two big flaws with the custom packs. After buying a custom pack, for some reason it wouldnt let me edit the title of that pack, and I also wanted to buy several custom packs not iust one, but it didn't give me the option too. Y'all missed out on money. Superb!

Can the developer of this app please respond regarding why it would skip the first clue? (Maybe they did and I missed it...) Is it a bug? Will this be fixed? I've seen this same issue come up in many other reviews. Kind of takes the fun out of it and prompts me to just delete and move on. Thanks. Amazing!

Super fun, me and my friends play it in study hall and laugh our butts off, thanks! Recommend

I love this game so much I play it every day this game is so fun I invited all my friends to play and they loved it so much to got to go I need to and play the game buy hope to see more fun games Superb!

I think this is a fun game to do because you can play it when It is raining outside and I is just so fun to play with your friends and family Well done!!

The game was superb but i think that it should have team setting and record score but overall it's awesome and funny. I advise everyone to try this Good

I don't really like sherades because you can't come up with anything but this comes up with it for you. 5 stars Awesome

The game is amazing but after a while u cant open the app (or get some of the packs) Superb!

Like other people mentioned, the videos are recorded only as an image with audio, it's a shame such funny moments are not able to be re-watched :/ I'm using an Asus Zenfone 4 (ze554kl); the rest is a top notch game Works perfectly

I love it. I Just wish I could organize the decks so I could put my favorites up top. Perfect!

ITS................SO................ GOOD Well done!!

Fun but in my family i can't play with anyone they are too busy but great AWESOME game and I mean it just wish I could have someone in my family too play it with Worth it!

Fun game! The acting out is the best however it's always the same. Would love more options of acting out for free. Plus having the video working in all decks. Best part was watching the videos at the end. Which doesn't work for some reason now. Go well

I really like this app. The only reason I didn't give it 5 is because on my Pixel 2XL it ALWAYS skips the first clue. Not sure why but I have heard of other Pixel users having this problem too. Go well

Its ok. Its a lil buggy as when you start a game, the first answer will shoot to the side and give you a pass. Other than that ita not toooooo bad Fantastic

It's frustrating how the first slide of every deck immediately gets passed. I use a Google Pixel 2 XL. Amazing!

I think is is CUTE and fun I am a big fan of Elena sorry if I spelled your name wrong wow lol

A lot of fun, very social, and great use of the technology. A big thumbs up! My only complaint is that I can't buy any of the decks. It just doesn't bring up the purchase pop up after asking if I want it on my account, which is kinda odd to ask anyway. Still love it, though! wow lol

It downloads all the decks but only get to use a select few. The people complaining about the controls need to fix their phone, Google how to calibrate G sensor. Maybe the developers can help set that up at the beginning of the game. Perfect!

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