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I would like to give this game 5 stars. Unfortunately I am booted out of the of the app at random times. It may be while at the loading screen, or between 5-15 minutes. I've tried uninstalling the app multiple times and even did a factory restore of my tablet with no success. Thus the lower rating. Great job

łnstaII 'VEARN' App Enterr (MINA) to Start Earning So far so good.Fun way to get money. Won't make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It's also the best exchange rate on points. VEarn points equals mac instead of like some of the others where it takes McEarn points to reach vac etc....Also, łnstaII 'TOYOPAY' App Enterr (BCNB) very reliable in paying you when you redeem to Toyopay. You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to WaIet for cash. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for addingsome fun to my day. Cool

I've loved this game for years but now it won't connect to Google Play and I keep losing connection and having to perform the last few actions over and over. About to just give up. Fabulous!

I love this game but the roadside needs updating! 9/10 you're too late to purchase anything you want. ... It makes it quite annoying. Not bad

I like the game but it's not my favorite one. I think it depends on what you like more. Focusing on a town or a farm. Still an awesome way to kill time time but it requires intelligence as well. Cool

Its not a bad game but there are so many bugs. Like I have to wait like 3-4 minutes for google play games login and since I'm using my Facebook account I don't need it. Sometimes I open it for the first time then it freezes and lags and the screen ends up going log ways which means something is wrong. Restarting my device won't help neither will force stopping it. I am using an RCA Voyager 3 tablet. Worth a go!

Fantastic game.... I m too much addicted to this game... Warning... Do not install you might be totally lost all ur work and will be playing continuously this game again and again Must have

Fun game to play but it gets annoying when its so hard to get certain items for ungrades.. Everytime i try to buy the items in the newspapr it literally gets sold .02 of a second before i click it. Extremely unfair and disappointing. Recommend

Downloaded this game again after taking a break. Still love the game, but would be nice to be able to sell any items such as decorations, trees etc that we don't want instead of putting them in storage. Just wow

Addicted to this game.. But it would be good if you provide more diamonds easily and try to reduce the waiting period , so that it gets more interesting.. 5 stars next time if it's done.. Amazing!

Its awesome! I wish there was three feed mills instead of two, I can never get enough food for my animals Fantastic

Its so fun and a little addicting i guess that's a good thing but its got me always on my phone it makes sense that it needs wifi to work with talking to everyone and looking at your friends farms but i would like to play on it when i don't have wifi cant i just play but not be able to connect to everyone like not be able to do anything but work on my farm and that would be the only thing when i dont have wifi but when i do it will be like this. Thank you its very fun Brilliant

Long time player returning to the game after taking a break. I leveled up to level 41 today. Before leveling up it showed I should get 1 white and 1 black rabbit with the new level but I didn't get either of them. I would also like to see it a bit easier to get wildlife refuge animals. 36 puzzle pieces seems a bit much. Fantastic

I love the game but going to give 4 stars because the newspaper should be in color! Please change this. And please give it a tan for mining tools and maps act so it don't take up storage space IJS my opinion! Well done!!

It's a great game but I would like to start mine over from the very beginning so I can do some things differently. But I'm not sure how to do that. I need help Good

I'd like the game better if the latest update hadn't messed up my mailbox market thing. I keep getting mostly shops that have strawberries or pumpkins. I hope it's just a glitch. I need to be able to buy needed items. Fabulous!

I love the graphics,the farming but the storage issues are ridiculous and ends up wearing on your nerves...the only way to get required items is to farm but you can't farm because of space issues. So of course option is to use "gems " and to get enough gems...surprise!!! MONEY ! This game would be much improved if the storage situation wasn't the main drive of the game...FROM DAY 1! Enjoy it!

This is the best game I have ever downloaded it is so much fun not many adds either i love it the connection is great it always loads and its a super kid friendly game you should definitely download it Awesome

Absolutely love this game, been playing it for years.. but i haven't been able to log in for a couple of months, even after the latest update.. it never makes it to the "connecting" screen... anyone else having this problem? Just wow

My Google play is not connecting with game.. Why ?? Plz fix this. If my Gmail is not connected then my all progress will lost Perfect!

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