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This game is great! It's the only game I wanna play. You couldn't pull me away from this game. Don't hesitate to download it. But it does say when you buy something from shops, that somebody already did. 5 star

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The game is fantastic. I have reinstalled this game on my new phone and I got a little problem. It won't connect my Google Account to the game. Facebook is all good but Google won't connect. If you guys can help me with that, that would be great. Worth a go!

Best. Game. Ever. If I lined up every single game in the planet on one wall and I had a choice of what I wanted to play it would be Hay Day. I also have some problems though. I don't have any idea how to join a neighbor hood. Well I'm only in level 12 so.... btw my account is Heartland Equestrian Co. ( cuz I love the show heartland ) Amzing time killer and awesome keep up the amazing games highly recommended by me infinite stars. <3 Brilliant

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I am not able to connect with gogle difficulty in saving the game..... Please fix the prices for decorative items....for example the fences...they increase by 2 as we buy them mpre than one..... its difficult to afford... fix the rates.... Omg

Increase the farm capacity and instrument which is use cut to trees and other cleaner instruments. If it was done then game will be perfact. This only problem is the farm pieces is too few. Only 3 Perfect!

I honestly love this game and it's really addictive. I have a suggestion that I think a lot of people would like, and that is a trading system. Instead of buying things from other players you can trade your stuff. F.ex. 3 screws for 3 nails. Go well

Hate it! When i open the newspaper fir purchasing product the product is already sold,so make improvement. Plzz make less stars for completing levels,e.g like for level 52 = 179000 stars Omg

I hate that every time I purchase a decoration it goes more and more expensive it ridiculous can one stone wall go up to 10,000! I mean that's crazy. Also it would be good if you added a edit program that allows you to get rid of everything on your farm except of the house and other things like that and then you can put it how you want it so basically decoration or designing your farm. Surprisingly

They seemed to have fixed the below issue so I enjoy playing again! Not a bad game at all. Well I loved Hayday but can't play it as it won't download the update. I have over 500MB of space available yet apparently that isn't enough for this 40something MB game. Tried support but there's no one to actually ask and none of their stock questions cover it. So now I won't be able to play again as it won't let me play without updating! Completely rubbish. wow lol

I'm a long time player returning to this game. So far everything is great except some products take a really long time to make. Also I can't seem to connect to facebook and google. It keeps saying google sign in failed, and facebook continues to tell me to sign in even though I have multiple times. Must have

It's very annoying when u look thru the farm newspaper n go to buy something, u press on item but it comes up with "sorry someone else got that item". U gotta b so quick n even then it's still extremely hard to get items like screws or duct tape! It's really frustrating n pretty unfair cos I'm always missing out. Otherwise I love the game. Pretty good

Best game ever talk to friends. Go against people in your neighborhood but also work together to beat other neighborhood. And if people make inappropriate comments or what not you are able to block and report them Highly Recommend.

Since the derby started, sales have been super slow, and they still haven't picked back up. It changed drastically. Not sure if it's a glitch, or has to do with the derby, but it's kind of destroyed the fun. The double click for diamond spending doesn't work consistently, or with certain functions, which really ticks me off. I've lost tons already just by accidentally brushing the button. It's a fun game. By by gawd, the devs are greedy for money. I never buy from that sort of developer. I buy a LOT from generous developers. You catch more flies with honey, y'all. Just a thought. Muito bom!

The silo and barn system is completely rigged. It purposely doesn't give you one part until you are practically begging for it, but by that time you are pissed off and you want to delete the game. Just so that someone MIGHT buy gems to get the final piece. Well done!!

I played the game two years ago, then stopped. I recently started playing again, but forgot I already had a farm. Now I have two and am trying to get rid of the one I recently created, since it won't let me connect to Google play. Any suggestions on getting rid of the one in the Google play cloud would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Fabulous!

On tablet (LG G Pad X 8.0) Hay day will not connect to Google Play Games. Always getting a sign in failed error. Other than that this is a great and addictive game. Not bad

This is a great and fun game. The only thing I have a slight problem with is how things are a bit expensive to buy. It takes a while to earn enough coins to buy the necessary livestock and machinery. Worth it!

Good game. I initially wrote a one star review because this game was very dependant on microtransactions but it's actually pretty fun if you have the patience. Right off the bat you have to wait upwards to 30 minutes or an hour for basic production and warming but as you grow your farm it gets easier to deal with. This definitely isn't a game you can play for, like, an hour, consecutively, which kinda sucks but it's great for the 10-20 minites you pop in now and then. 5 star

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