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I love this app and honestly, I do not even want to think about what my stress levels would be without it. Go well

No better or worse than all the other hypnotherapy apps and downloads here and on Youtube. Hypnosis is a very personal thing, any recorded induction may work for you or not, so if this app doesn't succeed in getting you in a trance state try some of the others, the results will be worth it. Problem is there are certain things that can't be replicated in a virtual world… in a real session the therapist will tweak the induction in response to your reactions… he or she may, for example, match their breathing rate to yours while going through the induction… something obviously impossible with a pre-recorded one size tries to fit all web program. Surprisingly

I've used this app for a couple of years and it is excellent. There are so many topics to choose from. It helps me to fall asleep at night and also helps me overcome long-term chronic fears and phobias. Well done!!

I really appreciate the Positivity Process and the workbook to go along with it. I also REALLY appreciate the dual option on how to end each session... I usually listen during the day so nice to have wake up. Thanks for including the extra tracks like Access Inner Power, and Achieving Goals... not there yet but will be necessary. Surprisingly

Love it. Would like some gentle relaxation music sessions too - possibly after an hypnosis session but that's just a small thing considering this is a great app and I do believe it works; I feel calmer and less anxious at a time when I had very high stress levels. It has completely changed my mindset x Flawless

Had a problem. It was fixed. Problem is back. Password doesn't work. Would really just like a refund. Tired of difficulties. This app is supposed to relieve stress -- doing just the opposite. Surprisingly

I had high hopes for this app, however I find it hard to believe that this is a genuine and proffesional app based on the small simple things like spelling. I looked through the app and noticed, I believe 4 spelling mistakes in the menus and descriptions alone. It might be picky however an app that is meant to inspire professional confidence has done the opposite for me. I will continue to use the free sessions however I expect more for an app that I have to pay for. Cool

I have had this app for three years now and still use it most days. I am a completely different person since using it. Highly recommend. Surprisingly

Had a problem. It was fixed in a timely fashion and I can enjoy the app again. Thanks. Carolyn G Payne Great!

I love this app! There are a lot of options for free! The only thing I would love to see is the option for a one time purchase of a specific session. I would love to have this option as a subscription isn't an option for me right now nor is the $100 price tag to own all sessions. Not that I don't believe they are worth it, I would just love to buy a couple instead of subscribe or invest. Thanks for the free options though. I love them!! Great!

Would like access to the sessions I paid for when I had the so on iPhone a few years ago. Not really willing to pay for them twice when I already have. Can this be done? Recommend

Using the free apps. Helps me sleep. Cant afford tbe paid apps yet. Bit expensive. Worth a go!

Great app to decompress and relax after a hard day of work. The short sessions are very useful in an everyday stressfull environment. It is impossible not to find time for this. Everybody has 5 min. Fantastic

Wonderful little app. Voice is soothing to listen too and the free sessions were great. If I didn't have some other things I'd like to work on I might have been perfectly content with the free stuff, but since I wanted more, I did upgrade to the full version. My only complaint is the fact that the Playlist feature doesn't allow you to change the order that they appear when added. It sucky because you sometimes want a wake up but instead of at the end it can randomly be put in the middle of your list. :( Other than that I'd love to see an "overcoming procrastination/being late" session, "fear of failure /success" session , a "pain management" session, "improve memory", and maybe a self love session that motivates one to take actions that improve quality of life...exercise, finishing/starting projects that improve life, self care,... Oh and an attitude of gratitude /happiness is a choice session! No matter, I still love the app. Surprisingly

Very helpful in treating anxiety, depression and sleep disorder. Is expensive but worth every penny.. Must have

Been using Darren Marks hypnosis for several years while going through a very painful divorce from a 30 year marriage. Recommend him without hesitation! Good

Only used a few times, but still can't get over how soothing his voice is. Worth every penny! Brilliant

Love this! This seriously helps me every night before I go to sleep I but the 6.99 subscription and I think it's worth it because you get a lot of different types of meditations or hypnosis'. So ya love it want some more of it. 5 star

I love the without wake up version at night. And the 20 loop option takes me to morning. Such a comfort. Works perfectly

I've used this app for a couple of years and it is excellent. There are so many topics to choose from. Awesome

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