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The mechanics are smooth, the graphics decent, and the levels challenging. The happy wheels feel was successfully translated to mobile controls (although irresponsible dad feels a little awkward). I am quite disappointed in the level editor. I know he game needs time to fully update and such, but there is no way to set any actions or movement for objects, and you can't spawn characters. This makes most of the level editing ideas impossible. I also am bored now because I have beaten the levels and there is NO USER LEVEL BROWSER. When you beat the game, it has good replay value, but not enough to excuse the browser or a complete editor. If one or both or these are added, I will improve my rating.

Pleeeeeeaaassse add all the other characters (i.e., helecoptet guy lawnmower man, and the mom) to the level editor in the next update and wait for the levels for irresponsible dad! But other than that it still has 1 glitch that I found. With the moped couple, if you boost into the ground (not a wall) it will crash and the level gets deleted! (for some reason it doesn't get deleted for my brother but…) so can you please add more characters and fix that bug? Thanks! I'll be sending in more ideas when the next update comes!! And for those who say that it "KEEPS CRASHING) you probably need a better phone! Signed

need Flash Player 11 installed in your phone/tablet to play Happy Wheels PRO

This game is fun, existing, and silly. Warning! There is blood and some bad ...! This game is fun, existing, and silly. Warning! There is blood and some bad words, buuuuttttt you should try it out. :-) cool and silly LOL. Recommend to install Happy Wheels PRO APK.

#flash-player [email protected]#T! Dont bother u ave to download 3 apps and 1 dosnt work on a tablet (samsung tab2) 1 u ave to pay for and the other is just a scam so u will download another one of there crap apps.

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