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Samsung G530A & J320A Duos My primary messaging app! Works great on both of my primary devices and with Chrome OS. This is the best messaging & video calling app because the connection is fast and the quality superb. I also love the ability to be able to share images within a videocall! No other messaging app offers this kind of feature and it is AWESOME! Thanks for making such a GREAT communication tool, Google! Brilliant

Look there is a problem for me to raise. Whenever I finish or decline the call the call is answered and when I try declining it. It does not work even if I turn the app off and then my network off. If I finished talking to the person and they decline it the call ends for them but not for me and I can hear a area are silence and at the top it says I am still on the phone with them. Plz fix it this is a good app and i want to Carry on using it. Thanks Brilliant

Hangouts is very important to me as a Google Voice user, and it's great to be able to use its desktop application, which simplifies texting from home. But the new 'Jump to latest' button is unnecessary AND it gets in your way of what you're trying to read. Also, please add a notification icon for new messages! Finally, when I keep multiple hangouts open, I'd love to be able to sort them alphabetically instead of hunting around for them! Good

Solution Many people are complaining that you can't check if someone has seen your message or not. The feature already exists. In the chat, look for the person's profile picture on the messages. The location of the picture shows whether they have seen the message or not. If the picture is dull, that means they are offline. If it is bright, then they are online. Hope this helps. Awesome

OK, I think in the old times people keep letters.. so I would recommend u to work on Archived convo; may be u could make somewhat a transition towards Android built-in messaging app. I Love it anyway because I can document the convos I have. I hope u work its transition with Android's Messaging App. Thank u Superb!

There should be an option to delete msgs from the chat , like when I've delivered a wrong message, I should be able to delete it from his and from my chat as well.. There should be an option to record vioce msgs and send them .. It has a good voice calling , but please update the following aspects. Flawless

In theory its a great app, unfortunately it's not spreadly used like whatsapp. Even google now created a secondary messaging system, the Allo, which is really nice, but they have to come up with a solution to unify all acounts in one and then that app would be the most used worldwide. Apple users use facetime. Windows has skype, facebook has messenger. Even SMS is integrated with messenger. Google plus has everything to be an amazing social media but it failed cuz it wasnt open to everyone on the beginning so it led to other social medias to be created like snapchat. Come on Google, you can do it better. Great job

I use GV as my primary number, and have it send calls to hangouts. This has worked without issue for years now. I'm using a Samsung S8+ with Android 7.0. Today I received an automated phone call from my credit card company about a fraudulent charge. It asked me to press 1 to talk to a rep. however, I had no option to bring up the dialpad to press 1, the icon for it isn't there. It only shows the mute button, as well as a button to turn on the camera. (Almost as if this is a video call...) If I make an outgoing call, the dialpad is there as normal. I'm not quite sure when this stopped working. Hangouts and google voice apps are on the latest versions. Any ideas on how to fix this? Recommend

It has this annoying persistent ongoing call bug that won't go away, yet you've just hung up, many times. Another advice: Hangouts SHOULD have a voice messaging bottom. It would be the most complete messaging platform. It has video call, voice call, chat, group chat, VOIP, meeting function and media sharing; the only thing that is really missing is a VOICE MESSAGE BOTTOM. Marvelous

LOVE I love this app. It does alot I can't even massage on my phone, so great app and I can talk to my friends and they can talk to me and my mom and dad. Who else love it? Cause I do so much... it's very useful, I am going to have this all my life lol. Must have

I like Hangouts and have been using it a long time. However recently I've noticed I'm missing a lot of my notifications. Thought it was just me not noticing them. Until I realized notifications seem to be broken for me now. Phone won't vibrate or popup a notification on new texts unless the app is open. I tested this on 3 different phones (Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 1 XL, and Nexus 6). All have the same problem. Notifications work fine on iPhone. Wish I paid attention to how long this has been going on. Could be a couple weeks or months. This puts me in a pickle though. Can't keep missing texts like this. Tried variety of things to fix (rebooted, factory reset, disabled and reinstalled Hangouts, cleared data and cache, sacrificed virgin chicken). Will try sending feedback from app next. Perfect

Pros: 1. It can handle several parallel accounts simultaneously. 2. You can chat or videochat. 3. Pre installed on most western android phones. Cons: Too long to write down: Amazing several hours long uninterruptable ongoing calls even after restarting the phone (and all data/wifi turned off). Amazingly annoying bugs! 5 star

Its great! I hope this app generates and updates alot overtime. It is very fun to use. Me and my friends come up with ideas and have so many meetings. This app has changed my life. Muito bom!

An amazing app that allows you to communicate with people. You just need a Gmail to be able to use this app! I would have given it a 5 star if you could change your hangouts background in the chat to any of your choice (prefebly one from the camera roll) also I find that u have to set a ring tone for every chat. I find that really annoying! Hope u put my thoughts into consideration. Hope it comes truew Marvelous

It's pretty good. I like it, but where does all the other folks come from on here ( Hangouts ). I've had wemen just hit me up out of nowhere. And the majority of them clam that they are over in some African country overseas doing some kind of Mission work for churches or just for their religion. And there parents and family are still over here in the states. Worth it!

My favorite feature here is the group video calls. The only app by Google that does it. I do feel that development for Hangouts is either slowed down or splintered. It still cannot delete individual messages like in other messaging apps. Why not work on just a single Hangouts app and make that work properly? Most of the other "Hangouts" apps have very poor reviews. Fantastic

Everything is almost good. Simple and easy to use. But 1. Add an option, which can show whether the reciever has received the message or not. Whether he/she has seen the message or not. 2. Show, whether someone is online or not. 3. During video call, call needs to be disconnected from both the side. Otherwise call will be disconnected from other side but camera remained open. The person making the call will be in illusion that perhaps, due to bad network call is not happening properly. These three things improve the app a lot & might leave all other app much behind. Please fix it. Well done!!

Fix Misleading notification via web browser connect i.e. 1. When connected to given web meeting link it states... you are the first one here giving impression i am in meeting. 2. Unless join the hangout button pressed it doesnot connect to meeting. Understood is 2 step process but join the hangout is missleading button when already notified you are the first one here in meeting. Wasted my 8 minutes. wow lol

Still prefer it over Allo. If Allo makes available the stickers found in Hangouts, even if it's done just through the gboard app. Along with the read receipt within a chat be the profile picture concept over the check marks. Or at least an option within settings to have users choose pictures vs check marks. Love the group video feature, hopefully duo improves to include group calling. Until then, I'm happy with Hangouts. But all options lack the message lock feature that was found in earlier Android builds. Really helped save important content from being deleted when clearing messages. Wish it was available in Android messages, Hangouts, and Allo. Must have

Works great on my Pixel 2, except for one big issue. If I accept a call from my lock screen, my whole phone locks up and doesn't display anything until the call ends. The backlight is on, but nothing responds including the power button. Touching the lower part of the screen, however, does trigger a vibration. Great job

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