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I enjoy this game. Solitaire used to be my 'go to' game when I wanted something quick but invigorating but now hangman has become number one in that category. I always come away from this game satisfied and feeling like I'm sharpening my vocabulary. Thank you. Hate the ads but who doesn't! N.. Ware. Great!

I enjoy playing to the point I have to stop myself sometimes. I'll be up at night playing instead of going to bed Amazing!

It is good for me because help me to remember my spanish, my main language. Brilliant

It's funny how it said i won 20 coins but it only added 10 to my total coins, sometimes it didn't add any at all. But overall it's quite fun. Not bad

It's great fun for the whole family, we love it or its great for a single player I love alone just as much. wow lol

Surprisingly interesting & a challenge to guess the word without missing a letter!! Love the graphics & characters also Muito bom!

Interesting. Love the choice of words. Some words were unknown to me which is good. One should increase one's vocabulary. Not bad

I just enjoyed it. Reminded of playing this game in different form but same concept as a kid. Just wow

Great App. My kids love it too. The zombie is a little eerie but great vocabulary builder for the kids. Recommend

It's fun to play but some of the questions don't make sense sometime. A great way to pass time Good

Lots of fun & time flies.... makes you think. A dictionary category would be great! Highly Recommend.

Should get bonus for the first completion of a word. Otherwise great game,I call a keeper. Play everyday! Great!

I like this game because I've already played it since I was a young child espacially on paper with ny neighboorhood friends Recommend

I like the game and the character for the hangman is kind of cool its different but a couple of the clues are misleading but it is one of the best hangman games i have played and I play a lot of games that is mostly what I use my phone for is too play games but like fossil is a clue for minerals and it's not really a mineral it's the product of a mineral but not a mineral itself but it's a cool game to play and I like that it is not timed.first time played I played for 2 hrs so that is excellent for me.its a good game. I don't know if it does but daily bonuses would be great or bonus for completing so many levels too.there aren't too many ads I only seen 3 or 4 ads the whole time I was playing. Brilliant

Fun but the categories vs the puzzles are often wrong. Under geniuses they have writers and painters. Under shapes they have round instead of circle And on and on Must have

Okay game to pass the time but it's not very challenging. However it is nice that you can pick which categories and how many rounds you go. So there are pros and cons. Still it's something to do if you are bored :-) this would be a good Hangman game for kids under the age of 14 years old Surprisingly

Very fun for hangman. Categories give you a clue. FYI "business" should be spelled "business". Great graphics. Ads sometimes throw me totally out of the game but picks back up when I go back into it. Omg

I just began playing. The game has several levels. Each stage has three words. Players advance to the next segment upon uccessful completion of the current one. Great time killer. Easy to figure out the game. 5 star

It is ok, but spelling needs more proofing. For example, it is "coffee" and not "coffe" 5 star

I love the game and its good you can get free coins. Would have been 5 stars if not for a couple of spelling mistakes which is not great in a spelling game. Other than that it's very enjoyable and highly recommended. Pretty good

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