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Very similar to the traditional "Hang Man" game. I like that you get to play with friends you know. Players should win coins when they win the game, not just when they level up. Annoying bug: sometimes when I log into game it will show finished games in my "your turn" section. Lastly, it'd be nice to have notification reminder when it's my turn. Highly Recommend.

I like the game, just wish it retained stats on winning and losing to opponents. Other games let you click on your opponent and see their game stats too. Superb!

I love playing this game. It's one of my favorite games. Today I've been having problems changing my avatar and balloons. What's going on. This game deserves 5 stars all the way around but I need you to fix the issues that I'm having today Works perfectly

Fun game, could use some more choices for characters and backgrounds but good game. 5 star

The game is great, but the ads keep freezing up... have to wait hours before I can play again. Needs attention!!!! Awesome

I Uninstalled for a year and still no real update, no new missions, balloons, characters etc. Bad format zynga! Worth it!

What happened to the challenges? It's been well over a year since any updates. I'll fix my rating when you care about your app enough to update it. Great job

I am loving this game. I am totally addicted. Can you please help me open the game? I have been playing a long time and have reinstalled it 3 times in last 4 days....still having trouble! Worth a go!

It's a really fun game, but the amount of ads ruins the game experience. Plain and simple, they just pop up too often and completely interrupt the game experience. Just wow

Where are the new missions that are supposed to be coming soon? Lame game without them. Surprisingly

Evidently there are enough people still playing this game to warrant some updates and new content. Would give 5 stars if updated regularly. Awesome

Please reenable accessibility features on Android, for those using talk back. Used to love to play this game, but Cannot now due to it not working with accessibility features on Android. Flawless

Not sure why there's such a lack of features in this game compared to WWF. You can't even view opponents win loss or average word or anything. It's really a let down when the same company went above and beyond in WWF. Maybe this game just doesn't have the same popularity so they don't want to waste time on stuff like this. Perfect

I've been playing this game for a long time and I love it. However, they never seem to add new avatars or missions, which is very disappointing. Half of the avatars shown in the featured pictures above aren't even available to purchase! I wish they would add new updates!! Works great

Love the game but will not run on Nougat 7.0. Crashes on launch every time. Have tried cache clearing and uninstall/reinstall, problem persists on both or S7 Edges with Nougat OTA. Needs to be fixed. Good

Annoying when it is pushing to start new games with previous opponents. This should be turned off. And what happened to the new challenges? Highly Recommend.

Missions? More missions are coming soon? Mine has said this for over a year. Ridiculous. Superb!

Fun enough. The missions make it more enjoyable and I am out of missions and now it is kind of boring. Hope they add more soon. Amazing!

What is going on guys? Purchased items such as balloons and avatars are MIA. Has the 'stay tuned' thingy. Now on an LG G Stylo 2. Thx in advance for hopefully fixing it. Pretty good

What is with the "session expired" everytime i wanna play on on my nerves..anyone else getting this?? .yea its a fun game as everyone else says.. Too many ads!! Omg

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