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Love this service The comments im reading are their faults you have to cancel 12 hrs before not 30 min or yes you are charged. If they cancel on you they are deducted pay just the same. I recommend this service 100%%% try it yourself dont believe all the horror stories because it just isnt true. My favorite is a girl named marrissa who works for them but try it yourself. Brilliant

CLEANER It's very hard trying to log in to find out my phone number is incorrect in your data base. Fantastic

No problems at all! Had 2 cleans so far... 2nd lady stayed longer to finish up and did above and beyond my expectations! It's weird that so many people are having problems... maybe it depends on area??? 5 star

Chris T So far, I love this service! Chris was on time to the minute he was professional friendly and did a very very good job. The only complaint I have is that the things I listed on the website that I wanted, Chris did not get that information... Just wow

I worked for them the are getting over on the clients and the workers...never again No good.unfear to the employees and body should work or use thy services.. Go well

Took my money but never sent cleaners Booked appt for cleaning, was given date and time, charged for service. Day before I noticed no one had been assigned for the cleaning. After contacting Handy (online through app, phone number tells you that customer service is online only then hangs up on you), they respond that no one had picked up the cleaning yet. Today, still no one assigned, 2 hours before appt. Took several messages through app to get them to cancel appt, all future appointments and to get a refund.

Handy Pro I'm a reliable handy pro, I'm on time, I don't steal, don't leave early, handy is a part time job that help me with school,mother, student loans and request me im available... request Pro MICHAEL BYRD..spread the word PLEASE!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡THANKS TO DOSE WHO GOING TO GIVE ME A CHANCE....

These guys rock! My house is always clean when I come back home and sometimes the cleaner even leaves a note which is really nice. Also, I had a medical emergency that meant I had to cancel like 20 minutes before my appointment and within minutes of me contacting them they had replied back and given me a refund. Cannot recommend highly enough!

App works well Everything has gone smoothly for me so far so a perfect experience to now. It seems that things go wrong when you need customer services but for me it doesn't get much smoother or simpler than this!

Great app. Great service. I first used handy a while ago but just tried it again with their app and it works great. Booking was super easy and the person who cleaned my apartment was great and professional! New app version looks great and makes it way easier to book cleanings Brilliant

Excellent Service I was just about to have my baby and I really needed my house cleaned but I couldn't use chemicals or do any heavy lifting so I paid for a one time cleaning. I came home and was blown away! The house looked spectacular! Now that I am out of the hospital and home taking care of my newborn girl, I don't have time or energy to clean so I just signed up for a cleaning every 4 weeks! Omg

Scumbag company This is a scumbag company. Like dozens of other reviewers here, they won't let me cancel a recurring booking and keep charging me every month no matter what I do. Sign me up for the class action. Marvelous

Wonderfully easy I registered up with their easy sign up (you can choose 1x, weekly, biweekly, monthly) the pricing is affordable, You get to text the person coming with instructions and BAM! You come home to a clean house. Can't wait til next time! love it

Easy to use Thank you for being available on Android!! I have used Handy through the website, but it's much easier now that I can use the app. I've already scheduled my cleanings and plan to use the app from here on out. Highly recommend the service! I even made friends with my cleaning woman. Added bonus! Highly Recommend.

Good Experience Having someone do the cleaning services as I type this. app is simple enough to use, discouraging because only the app let's you schedule one off cleanings. If you sign up online, it automatically schedules you for every 2 weeks or monthly cleanings. Also, I hope that they add the tipping feature in the app EXTREMELY SOON. It makes it more convenient, especially when scheduling early mornings cleanings and you've forgotten to get cash to tip. Perfect!

Read my review! Request me! :) I am a professional with this company in Los Angeles. Its been a few weeks now and I have met so many clients who were nervous from all the reviews. I surely eased their worries and I have been requested for repeat cleanings. This company requires patience and understanding. Literally there are not enough of us professionals right now. The demand is high but guess what, I do anywhere from 3 to 4 jobs a day. I enjoy it, its therapeutic. Most of the bad reviews are east coast not west coast guys. Works great

Why Can't I... ...You can't select the length of the appointment on this app. You can do it on the desktop version, of course, but on that version, you can't opt to work with the cleaner you had previously. C'mon guys, why are the features different on desktop versus mobile? It's absurd. Cool

Some features disabled... Allows you to create recurring services but doesn't allow you to delete the recurring event without calling them. Guess they're hoping you forget about the event or listen to them beg you to stay. Not bad

Great service/ App interface Has worked seamlessly for me, I wish more companies would follow suit. This has been an outstanding company to work with in my experience so far. I've gotten excellent deals on two cleaning sessions, and my "cleaning professionals" have been just that. I had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit about one of the ladies and found out that they are very well paid and treated. That made me more likely to book again as soon as the need arises! Thanks Handy! wow lol

Happy Mother's Day - Me, From Me I'm trying the cleaning tomorrow 1st time. Will leave the Rating Tomorrow. Anyone who knows me, Know that I say how I feel. Muito bom!

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